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From the Editor: Housework Harmony provides a down-to-earth and humorous look at this most common of relationship battlegrounds…. As one reviewer pointed out, this book is much more than a guide to resolving housework arguments; it’s really about relationship harmony.

I am moving my free book day to Wednesday. I know it is not as catchy as Free book Friday – but the best deals come out mid-week and I don’t want you to lose them.

Amazon – Expires Sept 14th

The story is a dark comedy about a suicidal young man named John Campbell who, after a failed suicide attempt, heads to Virginia to visit an aunt he hasn’t seen in ten years. Along the way more events happen and he finds himself stranded in Strangeville. The story plots and twists take turns that leave you laughing.



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A historical fiction novella of 200 pages : In 1938, Gracie has a loving family, a best friend, and the man she loves. But when war arrives in Europe, everything she treasures is threatened. Gracie is determined to serve her country, but will her wartime efforts cost her the life she holds dear? These mini reads are great if like me, you devour books quickly.


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Sci-Fi Novella of 152 pages. The reviews are mixed so take a look first.
In 1957, a group of wilderness adventurers are confronted with the unexpected. They are forced to defend themselves against an unworldly enemy. Will man’s first encounter with aliens force them to run or will they stand and fight?

Fruit Cocktail

Pre-Sale Friut Trees

Our Sustainable Family Garden – Just got three new additions. We stopped by Pike Nursery to ask about the best fruit trees for our growing area and tough clay conditions. Now through the end of October (best planting time for fruits) they are having a Rose and Fruit PreSale.

Our first tree choice was an apple tree called “Fruit Cocktail”. It is a grafted Non-GMO organic grown tree. Talking with the experts, it is a self pollinating, bee attracting, clay friendly tree. It will like the full sun of our cleaned out garden and will do well in the tilted yard due to water run off and root spread.

Its companion tree will be a Bartlett Pear. Both are a full size tree expecting to grow well over 15 feet. The placement of both where some large oaks were taken in June, will offer shade again to sensitive plants like our Hostas. They will not get so tall that they will block out our grass which died because of the large bushy oaks. Our raised beds will be on the opposite side and not blocked out by their shade.

Being pollen positive they will encourage little bees to stop by. The garden, chickens and yard will benefit from such visitors. The Garden Expert encouraged one last tree which is a grafted Plum/Cot. Yep Apricots and Plums. It will need the pollen from the apples and pears. More of a bush than a tree it will offer privacy and food in about two to three years like the other fruits.

We truly just planted a Fruit Cocktail in our yard!

Free eBook Friday – Kick your fat in the nuts

Amazon Kindle Edition $0.00

A friend suggested this when she learned I was doing healthy glycemic eating. It is a pretty good little book to work with that plan.

Amazon – $1.99 Book Deal
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Apple Store - $1.99

I love Louis L’Amour and think he is absolutely one of those Authors everyone should read at least once.

Amazon Historical Romance (If you like stories like Outlander) $0.00
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Apple Store – $0.00

Free eBook Friday – Saving Grace

Saving Grace

Now through Sept 12th order the following book for free on all of your devices!
I love getting books for free online. This edition is a thriller/romance combo with great reviews. Not my genre but let’s face it, even my Dick Tracy side likes to curl up with lighter fare.

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Leonide Martin

The Controversial Mayan Queen: Sak K’uk of Palenque
(The Mists of Palenque Book 2)
[Kindle Edition]

The first in this series is available to Kindle Unlimited Members for Free. This edition is ONLY available until August 31st !!

Fit Find Friday – Pearl Izumi

Pearl Izumi

On sale today (for the next 16 hours ) on Amazon. They ship free with Prime, and if you order through your eBates dashboard you get cash back !
I have a pair of these wonderful supportive and comfortable walking shoes. I could’t live with out them during the summer.
They offer the perfect balance, cushion and support and are designed for runners. Suffering from strains now I find these are great to walk in.

Junoesq Literary Journal


I have been waiting anxiously for this literary journal to open online. To my literary friends – submissions are open!

Originally posted on notabilia:

10375123_709844575774926_494096651312248402_nThe first issue of Junoesq Literary Journal, founded by poet, editor, and 2011-2012 national NAC-NTU Writer-in-Residence at Nanyang Technological University, Grace Chia, is now live!

The Singapore-based quarterly online journal features poetry, fiction, and nonfiction that celebrates the female experience and its expression. “It is a dedicated space for diverse and unique voices intersecting literature, culture and art in all forms, from the literary to the feminist, the experimental to the autobiographical, the anthropological to the confessional, the academic to the domestic,” writes Chia.

Issue 1 must-reads include: three poems each by Grace Chua and Jasmine Ann Cooray; excerpts from two novels (Kaurava: The Aryavarta Chronicles Book 2 and A Certain Exposure) and interviews with the novelists, Krishna Udayasankar and Jolene Tan, respectfully; and an essay, “My Grandmother’s Story,” by Yu-Mei Balasingamchow*.

o o o o o

Junoesq Literary Journal is open for submissions! The journal considers poetry, fiction (short…

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“Coopa Cabana” Cometh… and it just keeps coming…


Dear Lord, Is this ever going to end?
The Mister has put so much sweat equity into this masterpiece I am almost afraid that when complete, he will enter a state of shock.  I need to create an immediate “Hunni-Do” so he doesn’t jump ship. The yard reveal will happen once we finish the coop. Plants, tile, chairs and lighting have all been planned to create a new sitting place in the yard. In addition, next year will host a whole new garden space. I am really excited. I love our deck, but this creates yet one more outside space to enjoy with my family. I can’t wait to share it.
The Coop has certainly been on everyone’s minds including the Chicklets. Most every evening has an hour of recess, and they are really digging the outside experience.

VanGogh and her school bus yellow legs ( not clearly shown her in their intensity at all), Now reminds me of this guy:


I know, its rude. Don’t tell her I said it k ? But it is an Atlanta Icon and long standing running joke.

The Girls are in serious pre-molt and look like sad Humane Society Chickens.
They have not reached “spiney” yet where new feathers are growing in, but rather the pre-shed “our feathers look like crap and we are creating a feather boa on our coop floor” mess.
Will someone just take a dust bath already and stop making me look like a terrible chicken mother!