Quince Preserves – 1909 Recipe


The quince /ˈkwɪns/ (Cydonia oblonga) is the sole member of the genus Cydonia in the family Rosaceae (which also contains apples and pears, among other fruits). It is a small deciduous tree that bears a pome fruit, similar in appearance to a pear, and bright golden-yellow when mature. Throughout history the cooked fruit has been used as food, but the tree is also grown for its attractive blossom and other fragrant ornamental qualities.

Quinces will start making their way to farmers markets at the end of October. If you have a grocer that will stock requests you may be able to get a few crates. Commonly they do not appear in average grocery stores, as they are not a pick up and eat type of fruit. Raw; it is a bitter fruit, not like what it becomes once cooked.

This makes Quince one of my favorites for making jellies. Added with apples and cranberries it can become a preserve with flavor and impact, especially eaten on a dry bitter cheese. The exciting news: I picked up a really rare 1909 Cookbook a few weeks back by accident. The recipe I first looked at was this one. My mission – take a recipe from long ago and convert it to modern standards.

While our season doesn’t start until October, those of you lucky enough to have your own bushes can save this for planning. Those looking for a new recipe and already have canning knowledge will be able to use this as well. Those of us new to testing recipes can mark this for work !

Here is the original recipe, with some modern phrasing updated:


Take Fine Yellow Quinces, pare quarter and core them setting aside all of these after pieces.

Placing fruit in large stock pot add just enough water to cover by an inch. Simmer until soft but not to where they begin to break.

Carefully remove fruit and spread on plates to cool.
To this water add pieces removed. Cores, seeds parings.
Stew one hour covered, then strain through a jelly bag or canning mesh into another pot.
To each 1 Pint of this liquid add 1lb of sugar.
Bring to boil, skim and begin to gently add Quinces.
Boil gently 25 minutes, remove from heat, cover and let sit for 24 hours.
This process must now be repeated as the following:
Drain off syrup into a separate pot and bring to boil, add fruit and boil gently for 15 minutes.
Spread fruit on to plates to cool trying to not break.
Bring syrup up to a rolling boil and boil down to a thick consistency.
While this is boiling fill jars 2/3 full of fruit.
Remove syrup from heat and pour over fruit.

There is still time… P.Allen Smith and Le Creuset

Photo Courtesy of pallensmith.com

Photo Courtesy of pallensmith.com

There are two things you should know about me: I love to pretend that I am the daughter of P.Allen Smith and Martha Stewart. AND I really want to believe this. Like “Secret” it into reality by believing in it more than I believe in Santa Claus. Which is a lot.

This would probably shock and alarm both of them in different odd ways. My heart is in the right place though, their teachings over the years have brought me to the place I am now. Thank you both for that. 

Courageous to try any new recipe. Adventurous to build my garden of heirlooms and conservation plantings. Eager to be a good citizen to the world and share my experiences. Strive for elegance.

They both are so fully immersed in social media and print, it’s easy to keep up with ideas and new topics. You can imagine how excited I was over the recent news of a giveaway.

The steps are very easy if you like sharing on social channels. Why don’t you check out the website for P.Allen Smith, check out his blog and fall in love yourself. Recipes, gardening and of course my favorite subject: CHICKENS!

I will be sharing more from his vast knowledge base, but for now you can start your love affair with one of my favorite people too!

Upgrade The Coop: Big Girl Dino’s



We went away for a four day vacation and came home to “Dino Birds”. Taller, louder, and cleverly manipulative for meal worms. The ladies are truly looking like chickens now. Sweet baby fluffy nesties, have been replaced by teenage rowdy sassy beautifully feathered young ladies.


Bubo and Vangogh

Bubo has become “The Hen Mother” or Don Chiculio. Always roosting now watching over the flock and alerting for unusual sounds. She bosses the dogs around and grooms the younger fluffs.


Vangogh and Bubo

Clearly they feel I shouldn’t be snapping pics during nap time. Today we upgrade the brooder to a roaming pen while we construct the outside coop. It will encourage them to coop up and start adult behavior. The added room will be pleasing to the nose too since the cramped brooder has become a poop stink fest.

Chicklets – First Week


Bubo – Ameraucana – Eggs: Blue – Age: 4 weeks
ButterBean – Ameraucana – Eggs: Blue – Age 2 weeks
Leeroy Jenkins – Black Copper Maran – Eggs: Chocolate – Age 2 weeks
MC. Nugget – Frizzle White Cochin Bantam – Eggs: Olive – Age 2 weeks
Vangogh – Rhode Island Red – Eggs: Brown – Age: 4 weeks
Piper – Blue Maran – Eggs: Chocolate – Age: 2 weeks


I am blissfully worn out, worried sick, and constantly checking on them. You would absolutely think I had a new baby at home. BEST. DECISION. My Husband has ever made.

I have been feeling empty nest syndrome a great deal this last past year. Pixie is still at home, going to school being a young college person. It’s great, but she doesn’t need me as much. She has a car, job, friends… stuff. I needed babies.

We have had some reading to do, still haven’t completed the coop, and already had a pasty butt to contend with. Don’t Google that. It’s gross.
The Soft Peeping sounds like a bunch of song birds and I am just giddy when they go off “car alarm” style at 1:00am. Ok it’s only happened once (storm the other night) but when I walked in and started talking to them, they quieted right down. It was like they knew I was Mama bird there to make it ok. That. Was. Awesome.

Eventually my eggs are going to be as beautiful as the ones above and I will have tons of chicken insanity around me.

The Nest is a little Fluffier.

Things I have learned: Mealworms are hilarious when chomped. Wiping Chicklet butt is scary. I love to make baby food !

Atomic Chickens – They Happened

MC.Nugget – Totally Nerdcore

After talking chicken the last 7 years, it’s happened. We have gone Atomic Chicken!
I have waited to have my own backyard chickens for close to 20 years. Where I grew up it was not a hobby or blogging project, it was life. I am thrilled the demand for health has prompted so many backyard gardens, sustainable living initiatives and the acceptance of small livestock into neighborhoods.

My First Baby: Scarlett

I used to jump around in SecondLife. I loved the friends I had and the ability to create and explore. During the time I was there a new venture came out. A talented coder created “in world” pets that could breed and create (based off of RGB mixes) new colors. They were chickens. You had to spend Linden ($L in world money that was bought by out world paypal) to feed them, and they had tools supplies and coops. Just like real world birds. It created a frenzy. Not only were they pets to people, but breeding rares allowed for income.

I am pretty sure my best friend thought I was downright bird brained for feeding the frenzy, but I loved it. I had so much fun. It certainly created a desire to have laying hens even more so in real life. I am pretty sure The Russian laughed out loud when I texted him two months ago and told him we were on the count down to “Hen-Ageddon” .

Night One: was filled with excitement and creating a brooder. We opted to buy local and went up to a home to pick out our flock. There are pro’s/con’s to doing this and hatching and buying day old babies. I opted for older babes. They have had their initial shots, are thriving, a little easier to sex and I am not so scared about coming home to a dead coop. There has been reading and more reading. Blogs, books, forums. I feel ready. Only one little lady has been named, but the others are not far behind.

As I begin to create a healthy coop and home for them, the joy I knew I would have is very present.


I am blissfully in love.

On The Mountain


Another beautiful weekend hike up Stone Mountain. Seems like Atlanta decided to take to the park this holiday weekend, and most everyone was going up the walk up trail.

Mr. and I got a bit of a late start, not knowing if we wanted to do biking or hiking. Trails won out, as Pixie was exhausted in bed from severe sinus ailments.

The Ankle didn’t suffer too badly, but I do need to see the doctor soon as about getting an activity brace for it.  Any activity from walking to Zumba causes it to tighten and swell. Not fun for the active little minion that I am now.

Get walking people! Go climb a mountain !

Kravet Partners with Pantone



News hit on the design wire that Kravet some time this summer will be releasing another collection paired with color experts Pantone.

I covet Kravet and get lost in dreamland when it comes to Pantone. I am really excited to see what is going to come from this collaboration. One of my go to authorities for textile trends, what you see from Kravet first will appear shortly there after in EVERY home catalog known to mankind.

Those embroidered seascapes on Pottery Barn – yep saw their fabric doppelgänger here first!

Stay Tuned on Kravet Facebook !