IKEA – Killing me softly

STOCKSUND sofa $599 with removable, washable cotton-polyester cover.

STOCKSUND sofa $599 with removable, washable cotton-polyester cover.

IKEA has wonderful new items out for Fall 2014, and it is entirely possible my husband may come home to a new house full of different things.
First up: new sitting digs.
I have been coveting a retro-inspired sofa over at Joybird.
While that still may absolutely happen, for a fraction of the price I can get the sofa above.
I love our leather sofa, Hubs had lovely taste when he bought it (as a bachelor) for the man cave. It however is a bear to move and clean under.
Guess who does that. Yeah me. So .. I am thinking I get back-breaking rule on this one.
(read: if you aint gonna clean it we aint keeping it)


KLIMPEN: Table w/ Drawers $189.98 Table Top storage $39.99

I have to update my office as I move closer to working remote two days a week.
The Klimpen series provides a large space, adequate storage, and clean lines.
It reminds me of Pottery Barn desks I fell in love with long ago but could never afford. Huge difference in pricing on these.
I love white furniture. It is still the most classic and easiest thing to decorate with.

ROBERGET swivel chair $89.99

ROBERGET swivel chair $89.99

Not just your average desk chair anymore.
If we had the right colors in the house, I would change out the dining room chairs or bar stools with these.
I know it is a bit industrial, a tad retro, but mostly design-a-rific!

GULLMAJ series Linen-cotton - Napkins $5.99-2pk, Tablecloth $24.99 JUDIT table runner $9.99

GULLMAJ series Linen-cotton – Napkins $5.99-2pk, Tablecloth $24.99 JUDIT table runner $9.99

If we are friends on Facebook you saw my post about the dining room table:
Choose Your Own Adventure (or in this case) Dining Room Table.
We are at odds in the house, where it should go and what color it should be.
If you are getting anywhere with this post, it’s that I am tired of dark colors and dark rooms.
Even in winter I think white or bright can be elegant and warm.
I secretly covet table linens and fear my husband may find my stash in the backroom     out.
PS – if you are an IKEA family member the series is discounted. The Gullmaj Tablecloth is only $19.99 as an example.

PASSERA teapot $9.99

PASSERA teapot $9.99

Passera is still not listed on site, but you can keep a watch out in the cooking or eating section HERE.

GARNERA $19.99

GARNERA $19.99

Perhaps this would entice Pixie to make me french begets, or maybe a ton of cupcakes.
I have a feeling Garnera maybe holding eggs.

Ok.. Ladies

backyard chickens

It is 21 (+)weeks if Chicken Breeder lady was telling the truth about when my babies hatched.
There should be egg behavior now. There should be running to boxes, egg songs and creamy chicken butt treats for me everyday.
There should be feather fruit, loin droppings, straw treasure.
Nada zilch zip.
This is going to drive me nuts.
How do you wait for this?
I have been preening loving snuggling cooing – all summer.
Organic food, kitchen scraps, healthy supplements like sea kelp and garlic powder.

My girls ONLY eat Breakfast of Champion Layers.

Why…. Have there been no eggs?

I was convinced I would be one of “those” chicklet mommies who at 17 weeks could flaunt her feathers and proclaim
“Yes my girls laid early because they’re awesome”

Eat Crow Chicken Lady… Eat Crow.

Moral of this story : Don’t count your eggs before your Chickens lay them.

EggWatch 2014

bakyard chickens

The Ladies have been eating a mix of Grower Feed (Breakfast of Champions) / Free Range / Kitchen Scraps and Treats for over a week now.
Healthy organic treats and supplements were started when they were babies, but the grower feed and oyster shell were recent additions.
Over the weekend VanGogh (our Rhode Island Red) started squatting and squawking. In fact she started calling so loud on Sunday we all rushed to the coop to see what was going on.
No dangers. No Roost Wars.

She was calling to her people to set the eggs free.

Egg Watch is fully underway.

Wardrobe Essentials For Women of a Certain Age …

10 Things to Upgrade Your Style

Why are you still wearing Hello Kitty?

I know she’s adorable, and so are you. I know you feel young at heart even though like me you may have just hit the big 42.
No? Still a 30-something ? Awesome, well play up your experience, and lose the cartoons.
I love shopping with my 20-something. She chooses bright bold colors, fun accessories and shoes that could rival most municipal buildings downtown.
I realized the other night while fun, I really can’t wear some of these things anymore without coming off a little MiMi from Drew Carey.

I made a quick list of simple low-cost solution to take your wardrobe from “whoa” to “wow” and maybe also glam you up a little.
Glam you up with sophistication.. Not Glitter.

1 – White, Ribbed Cotton Tank Tops
Retail Retirement Age:
Why: You are not on your way to a beat box comp around the corner. Show your confidence and success by wearing a more tailored look.
Smart Substitute: 
A scoop-neck tee from a higher-end T-shirt maker.

Chicnova Fashion sleeveless vest
2 - Anything Showing Excessive Cleavage
Retail Retirement Age: 
Why: A woman should not feel she needs to show it all off. A little goes a long way.
Smart Substitute: A well-fitted tweed vest can be worn with a blouse underneath; unbutton a few buttons and you’re going to look sexy but classy.

Bleached denim jeans
3 – Too-Trendy Denim 
Retail Retirement Age: 35
Why: Bling on your bum does nothing for your style, or after “birthing” wider hip set.
Smart Substitute: Charla Krupp, TV style expert and author of How Not to Look Old (Grand Central Life & Style), suggests swapping too-trendy jeans for boot-cut versions that don’t ride too low on your hips. Because of its slight flare at the leg, the boot cut minimizes hips. Plus, while skinny jeans come and go, this cut is a classic.

Wacoal lacy bra
4- Cheap, Unflattering Underwear
Retail Retirement Age:40
Why: Ok, maybe back when we needed new underwear every night of the week to impress someone else it was ok to get the cheap stuff, but now you need something to hold it all up and hold it all in!
Smart Substitute: Do yourself and the girls a favor, go get a professional fitting. Most quality lingerie and bra shops will not need a purchase to measure you. Do yourself a solid and buy one quality bra from these places each year. Thought your boobs looked great at 19? Wait until you see them in a bra that fights right. From there it is easy to look for support garments that fit similar to your investment piece.

Vivienne Westwood Anglomania asymmetrical skirt
5- Micro-mini Skirts
Retail Retirement Age: 40
Why: Tina Turner doesn’t need to meet you in the boardroom.
Smart Substitute: A chic straight skirt or a sexy-yet-classy pencil skirt.

Ankle strap shoes

Nine West ballet shoes
6- Costume Shoes 
Retail Retirement Age: 40
Smart Substitute: Toning down what’s on your tootsies doesn’t mean you’re giving up glam. There are plenty of beautiful yet supportive flats and heels today that can bring a pop to your wardrobe without making you look like you are wearing clown shoes. Two words: Plantar fasciitis . Laugh now, but it’s incredibly painful and common in women over 30.

Sandra Cadavid foldover clutch
7 – Oversized, Overly-Decorated Hobo Bags
Retail Retirement Age: 30
Smart Substitute: Classic clutch, tote and shapes that can transcend all fashion trends. There is a reason the Kelly Bag still looks like it did in 1956 when Princess Grace made it a must have.

Cuff jewelry
10 – Loud Accessories
Retail Retirement Age:35
Why:The rubber bracelets, goth-inspired studded belts, zebra purses and plastic earrings proclaim to the world that you’re still plugged in to the trends. We get it – but you can look hip without the teen trappings. Gather up your wild accessories and black nail polish and give them to the nearest ninth-grader
Smart Substitute: Think quality and quantity. Limit yourself to one funky accessory per outfit – as long as it’s well-made. Think a leopard-print scarf, statement necklace, or a gold bangle to dress up nice jeans and a simple top.

Feather hair clip
9 – Hair Gadgets
Retail Retirement Age:
Why: “With Hello Kitty in your hair, you’re going to look ridiculous at your age,” DeMartino says. “Remember Chrissy from Three’s Company?” 
Smart Substitute: 
If you must use them at all, hair accessories should be subtle – think a tortoise-shell barrette or grosgrain-ribbon headband from J. Crew – and similar in color to your hair. Even some headbands can make for a too-young look – Krupp doesn’t like them at all past a certain age.

10 – Message T-Shirts
Retail Retirement Age: 
Why: We know you love the earth and hate not being able to nurse your babes in public, but the whole “Got Milk?” across your bewbs isn’t doing anything for you. I promise.
Smart Substitute: Write a check, join a group, create a tweet chat and show up in a nice tee over jeans as mentioned above or a peter pan color button down with cute cropped jacket.

Free eBook – Moves to Wednesday



Amazon Expires Sept 10th 

From the Editor: Housework Harmony provides a down-to-earth and humorous look at this most common of relationship battlegrounds…. As one reviewer pointed out, this book is much more than a guide to resolving housework arguments; it’s really about relationship harmony.

I am moving my free book day to Wednesday. I know it is not as catchy as Free book Friday – but the best deals come out mid-week and I don’t want you to lose them.

Amazon – Expires Sept 14th

The story is a dark comedy about a suicidal young man named John Campbell who, after a failed suicide attempt, heads to Virginia to visit an aunt he hasn’t seen in ten years. Along the way more events happen and he finds himself stranded in Strangeville. The story plots and twists take turns that leave you laughing.



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A historical fiction novella of 200 pages : In 1938, Gracie has a loving family, a best friend, and the man she loves. But when war arrives in Europe, everything she treasures is threatened. Gracie is determined to serve her country, but will her wartime efforts cost her the life she holds dear? These mini reads are great if like me, you devour books quickly.


B&N Nook


Sci-Fi Novella of 152 pages. The reviews are mixed so take a look first.
In 1957, a group of wilderness adventurers are confronted with the unexpected. They are forced to defend themselves against an unworldly enemy. Will man’s first encounter with aliens force them to run or will they stand and fight?

Fruit Cocktail

Pre-Sale Friut Trees

Our Sustainable Family Garden – Just got three new additions. We stopped by Pike Nursery to ask about the best fruit trees for our growing area and tough clay conditions. Now through the end of October (best planting time for fruits) they are having a Rose and Fruit PreSale.

Our first tree choice was an apple tree called “Fruit Cocktail”. It is a grafted Non-GMO organic grown tree. Talking with the experts, it is a self pollinating, bee attracting, clay friendly tree. It will like the full sun of our cleaned out garden and will do well in the tilted yard due to water run off and root spread.

Its companion tree will be a Bartlett Pear. Both are a full size tree expecting to grow well over 15 feet. The placement of both where some large oaks were taken in June, will offer shade again to sensitive plants like our Hostas. They will not get so tall that they will block out our grass which died because of the large bushy oaks. Our raised beds will be on the opposite side and not blocked out by their shade.

Being pollen positive they will encourage little bees to stop by. The garden, chickens and yard will benefit from such visitors. The Garden Expert encouraged one last tree which is a grafted Plum/Cot. Yep Apricots and Plums. It will need the pollen from the apples and pears. More of a bush than a tree it will offer privacy and food in about two to three years like the other fruits.

We truly just planted a Fruit Cocktail in our yard!

Free eBook Friday – Kick your fat in the nuts

Amazon Kindle Edition $0.00

A friend suggested this when she learned I was doing healthy glycemic eating. It is a pretty good little book to work with that plan.

Amazon – $1.99 Book Deal
B&N Nook  – $1.99
Apple Store - $1.99

I love Louis L’Amour and think he is absolutely one of those Authors everyone should read at least once.

Amazon Historical Romance (If you like stories like Outlander) $0.00
B&N Nook – $0.00

Apple Store – $0.00