Banana Foster Pancakes

Banana Foster Pancakes

2 cups flour
⅓ cup sugar
1 tsp salt
1 ½ Tbls baking powder
1 egg
2 cups milk
2 Tbls butter (room temp, soft)
1 tsp vanilla
1 tsp almond extract
1 very ripe banana sliced thinly
1/3 cup dark chocolate chips

1 - Mix all dry ingredients together
2- Then add egg, milk, butter, almond extract and vanilla.
3- Whisk until all  incorporated and you have a smooth creamy batter.
4- Heat your frying pan to medium and pour the batter on a lightly greased pan.
5- Sprinkle banana slices and chocolate chips randomly.
6 – Cook until bubbles begin to appear around the edges and into the center.
7- Flip your pancakes gently. It is not uncommon for choco chips to sizzle.
8 – Once flipped it only takes a minute or two to finish cooking.

*NOTE:  it is ONE and a  1/2 TABLESPOONS baking powder not teaspoons
*NOTE: Please feel free to sub in Almond, Soy or Coconut milk instead of Milk.
*NOTE: Egg substitutes also work really well !

Serve with Syrup, Fruit Syrup, Peanut Butter, Chocolate Glaze or just a dollop of whipped cream.

Easter Eggs – That Don’t Suck

I Heart Easter

Every year I tell myself I will find some new beautiful crafty egg project. Each year I find myself at Mass, Easter Eve covered in glitter and dye. The Paaz dye that doesn’t come off for weeks. This year the geeks in my house are going to ink their eggs.
Yep we are tattooing eggs folks! Now I know you have young children so the thought of encouraging them to be a tattoo artist may not be on your agenda. Word it how it suits you best my lovelies. The extra credit – you have temporary tattoos to stuff in Easter baskets that match your eggs ! wahoo!


Silhouette Temporary Tattoo Paper

Various Geekery and Royalty Free Clip Art Such as Lego’s or Star Wars

The Lego’s PDF is already organized to get the most little Lego heads on your paper. With any other clip art you will need to copy and paste images on to a white background. Clip Art works best for this because of the smaller images on a white backing. There is a difference between tattoo transfer paper and temporary tattoo decal paper. It also comes in inket and laser. Please keep this in consideration when shopping.

1. Print your characters

2. Trim around each character for placement on egg

3. Place image transfer side down on egg, cover with soft towel and rub with the end of something firm (silicon spatula)

** Cold eggs will not take decal – make sure they are room temp

** Eggs are not flat so you will have some little wrinkles

** Make sure to print enough to share ! – awesome eggs !

Hankie Bunny Tutorial

I wrote about a sweet product I used when Pixie was little. A BooBoo Bunny. A sweet little something to hold on to when ouchies happened.
I have had several Pinners on Pinterest want to know how it was made – so here is a tutorial !!!
For all you fun Easter Crafters out there – this would be the perfect little basket stuffer to hold treats! Stuff the Buns with something fun!

Materials Needed

One Lace or White Embroidered handkerchief
Handful of cotton balls
12 inches of 1/4 inch thick ribbon
1 sewing needle

Directions How To Make A Hankie Bunny

Iron a handkerchief flat. If your handkerchief is embroidered, make sure you iron the handkerchief under a towel to protect the embroidery.

Place the cotton balls in the center of the handkerchief with the embroidery facing down.

Fold the top of the handkerchief over the cotton balls to meet the bottom edge of the handkerchief.

From the bottom of the handkerchief, roll the handkerchief tightly and into the cotton balls.


Fold the roll in half.
Leave enough room to insert a plastic freezer cube for boo-boo’s if using this as a boo-boo bunny.


Tie the ribbon halfway up the roll.

Take the two dangling ends of the handkerchief and pull it towards the body of the hankie bunny.
Tie the ribbon again. Pull the ends of the hankies out to make the ears.

hb7To make the bunny tail, take another cotton ball and attach it by placing a teenie glue dot.
Congratulations, you have just made a hankie bunny!

We Did


Always trend setters the Mister and I.

In case you didn’t catch the news, on Feb 14th 2014 the two of us joined forces and last names. After a plan to flash mob my future spouse fell through (Atlanta IceStorm Part 2) I put Plan B into motion with the help of some amazing coworkers and friends. We journeyed to the courthouse with Pixie in tow. She was our witness and we said our short but silly “I Do’s”. There may have even been some laughter at the high five from the judge.

If I could offer any wisdom to a bride really conflicted over big wedding vrs elopement, I say go with your heart. No really its great advice, I promise. You will hear every bit of wisdom from family and friends. So much in fact you could make a whole pearl necklace and probably dress by the time it is all said and done. What do the two of you want? How did you meet? What special things are important for you to share? Eloping isn’t the dirty “oh my god you’re pregnant” word it used to be circa 1952. Its practical and stress free. It’s a great way to get the paperwork done while you plan a party!


Mister and I wanted/needed something to just be for us. Can I tell you how easy and fun it was to put together an outfit, get our rings, and go get married. My biggest stress was my lipstick. Our reception and celebration will be held sometime this fall in the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. There will be pictures from that to share and tips on how I put it all together. To my blog family – thank you so much for all your thoughts warm wishes and great ideas on the “Wedding”. I look forward to sharing the party with you !

Snowed In


Since Monday the Fam and I have become Georgia Hermits. Listening to local news and weather suggestions we avoided roads at all costs. Like two weeks ago, we got what we needed and got it early.

You would think by now I would have finished a blanket or tons of sewing projects. Nope. I’ve been glued to my fuzzy socks, blanket and the cat. There was a whole day of Supernatural, Bones and Castle. There was work stuff, as Hubby and I needed to tend to emails. Then there was the driveway incident, in which Hubby encouraged us to sled. Pixie even did it. Shocking.

There is the big news folks. We stayed warm, stayed in, and prayed none of the trees would fall.

Blogs I am loving in the New Year

Design Mom Featuring Jessica Doll

Blogs are like rabbit holes. You start down one, and it leads to many grand adventures.

I started with a Pin from This Heart of Mine, drooling over beautiful sugar cookies.

Amy had contributed on the Design Mom blog, in the last year and of course that lead me to all the beautiful things Gabrielle Blair showcases. Including her 6 children, life in France and making a house a home.

I found myself completely useless. Lured in by their perfect homes, crafts, friends and cooking. I am still amazed how these so “with it” beautiful moms have time to be so creative and wonderful.

Life this morning involved me being proud of the fact I put together a semi-attractive outfit of one thrifted cashmere boyfriend sweater and jeans. Stand back this may get crazy.

Tree Fashion – The Beautiful Christmas Skirt


From our Friends at Design*Sponge

My wonderful friends over at Design*Sponge started posting beautiful gift guides and Holiday Eye Candy yesterday on their Facebook Page.

Trees skirt around by Uma Padu

Every year I Pin something or say to myself “I am going to make that for next year!” You know what this year I really am. One of the very first patterns I ever bought on Ravelry was the Tree Skirt Around. I had visions of stitching it up in winter whites with tiny gold embellishments. Today I printed the pattern out for the first time. While my WIP basket still has the Hue Shift afghan to complete, I am going to put this in the folder next. 


Make it a real tree.. with a bucket !

What better way than to make that faux tree feel like a real boy?