Calling All My Peeps

LeRoy and Babes

The Celebs (Maggie and Victoria Peckham) were two weeks old this weekend. It seems odd that already they have had their first dust bath with mom and tried meal-worms. The other chickens do not even notice them while they run the coop and stretch their little birdie legs. I have been a little more excited about this whole process than I think the other members of my Flock.

To see egg to birth of these little critters has been wonderful. In all my time on the farms of my youth, I have never had the chance to see a chicken hatch: my chicken. The girls are thriving under the watchful eye of Mama Hen (no not me) and get bigger and different each day. I can’t catch them for glamour shots, as they are really not at all into me. Yes it does hurt my feelings lets just get that out of the way.

Our Committee Members knew me as Mother. I was care giver snack lady bringer of dirt and the shepherdess to range time. They would sit in my lap to watch TV and grew for several weeks in our home while the coop was built by big Rooster Hubs.

I am excited for “MVP” (as I call them – think Brangelina)  to get integrated into the flock and have outside time more.

I am also going to start some fermentation. I was trying to get it ready over the weekend, but couldn’t find the right jar. A trip to HomeGoods may be in order tonight.

Secret Shopping Savings

JCrew Factory

I keep hearing rumbles from fashion bloggers that now is the absolute last chance to get some great deals on winter “wish list” items. In the world of fashion what exactly does that mean?
During and after New York Fashion Week – Look for new trends to go on sale and last season (winter) to hit clearance racks for final last drop in price sales.

So being a lady on a budget and trying to do things like put a new roof on the house…
How do you buy new staples to add to your wardrobe be current in colors and still do it on the cheap?

1- JCrew Factory

Originally $447 – with sign up coupon – free shipping and an extra 30% off – Total = $134.40 
Everything you see above was bought this  morning. I found a blogger I love (JillGG) who believes a great jacket and lipstick can change your day. Amen Sister. Her SuperPower is her shopping savvy. She has had several outfits listed from JCrew Factory and this caused me to browse last night at 1am. I do all my best Pinterest and Blog scouting in the wee hours. I bought the above items this am to add as anchor pieces to my 2015 wardrobe.

A little disclaimer – I realize not everyone can just drop $100.
That is a light bill, a week of groceries for frugal-istas and more. Any pieces could be found at discount stores – thrift stores – or recreated by the sewing sistas. It just takes a little creativity and fashion know-how.
For me – I lack this and have to invest in staples when I find something that fits and looks well.


2 – Twice Clothing

Originally – $454 Offered – $157 Discounts Free S/h = $47.85
Twice is a second-hand dreamland. There are many different categories of used on this site so please read descriptions carefully. Additionally, if you do need to return anything because it did not meet expectations, there is a restocking fee of $4.95.
Please read rules carefully!
Twice does look for authenticity for designer labels to make sue no knock offs are being sold.
FYI – This is a great site for you to sell last season and make some money. I was shocked talking to local consignment stores and even chains like Plato’s how very little they offer sellers. This is so much better!

I still advocate shopping Local – Thrift and Resale boutiques when ever possible to keep tossing and trash down.
Please when ever you can – Recycle ReUse Repurpose and shop your closets !!!
The invest wisely in things that will last (quality) that can mix with what you have !

Happy Hunting !

Survive The Cold – What’s Trending

Survive The Cold

Rose Gold certainly hit its mark this holiday season. Surprisingly it has made a sparkle at New York Fashion Week in trends for 2015 as well. 

The Hit List also included:
Wide Brim Hats
Boho (yet again)
Dark Florals (I feel the 80s coming on)
Tones of Pink Rose Gold and Mint in accents
Boots and more Boots!
As we approach another week of frigid blasts here in northern Georgia, I find myself longing for spring. I cant say I am completely desperate for summer, because I equally dislike damp sweaty anything. I do however miss that cozy evening warmth of a spring sunset.  I miss the world being light outside when I drive to work.
So for now, I guess I can be content to shop the tones of longer days.
These are just some looks I love and found through my wonder apps. If you have any other shout outs – please connect with me on Instagram or Twitter !
I found some great bargains shopping the trends. Hope you enjoy!

H M vneck sweater
$23 –

Draped top

Mint green jewelry

Stila makeup

Lip mask

Shiny nail polish

Isn’t it Loverly

Stella Dress $198

My inner Eliza Doolittle just kicked into song.
I was reading the bloggy-sphere and found this new site: Loverly
Stopped dead a little, became breathless and found new resolve to get my fluffly butt on that dam treadmill.

I want to wear this on a date with my husband, bare shouldered come summer.
Technically, I am aware its a “bridesmaid” dress.
So the flapjack what.

I made a resolve recently that I was tired of wearing blue jeans. My job allows me this amazing privilege of being “causal” (awesome really)
I DON’T like being so casual, as it killed my fashion brain.
I like pretty things, I like labels. I admit it.
I see fine designer brands and practically fall out.
I have two friends at work who are my fashion icons and they get my glitz for glitter.
Thank you TP and JD !!!

I need to be reminded I can still be casual fun ultra femme sexy and professional.

Juliet Dress

Had I know about Loverly I might have worn this to my wedding!
There are some great dresses on this site for realistic budgets.

I know bridal season isn’t in full swing, but people are most certainly shopping. The site has amazing inspiration boards, a blog, trending topics. navigation was easy and I didn’t feel lost.

The Trending Section is my most favorite.
There is a lot to be said about current fashion trends by what brides are selecting.
Furnishings, Colors, and Event Design, say a great deal about fashion.

Knits are Happening

Composed Mitts

Interweave 2007 Knit – My girlfriend Tami saw on Pinterest. I started these for her in Dec.
Yes they were meant to be used over the holidays.
I am finishing the last glove today.
Hopefully she will have some cold days to use them yet through the spring.

Pattern – Easy to Read
Quick TO knit if you have a dedicated group of hours
Stranding which is easy if you know how
Pattern is for a size woman SMALL
Use a larger needle if you have normal hands like me!

Chad made these for his wife and they came out beautiful.
Things he learned:

Don’t strand too tightly, you may have to give a mitt to your kid and make another one for mommy!
As a brand spanking new knitter – dive in and learn!
He learned how to relax his hand, hold his needles and is already off on another project for his baby due in April!

Make Time : To Help Others

I realized the other day, with the power of social media I have not updated.

It drove me to think about what else I have not had time for. I think I have time for everything. everyone and every tasks. What I really truly recognized is that I don’t.
By recognize – I mean I said out loud to myself “You Don’t”

So that in turn created another rabbit hole – how do you urge others to take time.

You put it on your mirror on post-it notes and even a string around your finger.
For me I am going to remind myself at least twice a week of something I need to do.

I hope through this you will find things you need and want to do for yourself and for others.

One Month Ago – We helped this little Fella.

His Name is Fenway.

I call him Bean.

We don’t know much about him, other than the fact he is heart-worm positive, has a terrible cough, pees on everything and drools like T-rex going after a Bronto-burger.
I have discovered opening my heart as a foster mom has left me with a heart four times bigger.

In the past I thought helping a rescue would be so much fun. It is, and it isn’t. Seeing adoption events at the super stores or fairs, you know rescue exists. Donating to help of course you know.
Then you foster and realize… wow there are just so many animals in need of help.

Then you take one in and you realize, wow this is an amazing animal how could someone let this go?

I am honored to help Fenway and You Lucky Dog Rescue.

How Far We Have Come


We started off little and afraid. I was certain that I would kill half of them the first week, not sure if I was providing the right amount of heat or bedding.

I wanted them to have the best food, most sunshine and of course the best coop when old enough to move outdoors.

Blueberries a dirt bath and good night smooches.

My crazy little Dinos have feathered, gotten taller, and this last week, started making us beautiful eggs.

A home grown egg doesn’t taste like a store egg. It is more dense, creamier, and of course sweet with the flavor of accomplishment.

Officially have first eggs from each of our ladies now

My birds sit on my lap for snacks, cuddle when I need some tenderness and are starting to get attached to me. They know my “chookie chook” call and the “go home for snacks” box rattle.

They know their names, as a dog or cat would.  Nugget has even gotten fond of prancing about when we drop a few “Whiskey Tangos” on her. She is proud of her southern lineage that way.

This part of my little farm journey has been amazing. I can’t wait to plant and grow beautiful food in the spring, for my family and my birds!