Chicken Mojitos

Cool Summer Treat For Your Birds
(Not a Cocktail Containing Birds for You)

Handful of Frozen Strawberries
Handful of Fresh Mint
Handful of Lemonbalm
@ 1/3 cup water to ease blending

Into the blender – think pesto consistency – pour into ice trays – freeze.

I used little brownie bite trays they make smaller cubes

Looks a little like salsa doesn’t it ?
I had all of these strawberries from last season, and with soaring temps that made it feel over 100* outside, I knew the girls needed some help with cooling off. I have placed recycled water bottles, frozen, into the coop. A pan of cold water to walk in. I have added ice to their water and made sure they are shaded all day. It is still hot.

With out having the space to freeze some watermelon – which chicks love – I decided to use up some freezer scraps and over abundance garden herbs. The Chicken Mojito was born.

The Newest Littles also got to supplement their first chicky treat. Being a week old, it is ok to start letting them tit-bit for greens, fruit and scraps. The Turks are of course 3 weeks old, so they are more than ready to try new food items. Being inside it isn’t as important for them to get cooling benefits. In fact they need to stay warm. I simply poured some blended treats directly and added greens.

Pidge, the Great Large Marge Pigeon is all broody and bitchy so she came inside to cool the frank off. She is acting like some meany raptor squawking and clicking at anything or anyone that comes near her in the nest box. Cooling her off will get her out of the brood and back to laying eggs. I don’t mind giving her a break. She deserves it, but the meany pterodactyl act is old.

Must Hustles : Monday

Old Port Trench in Navy
$49.99 On SALE LL Bean

Pair this with white skinnies for Spring, and taupe clunky heels. Perhaps a nautical striped tee for that Sailor Annie Feel !
Other colors including must have Tan, are on sale as well! I have seen trenches popping up all over fashion blogs in bright colors. Seems like I finally need to invest in a wardrobe staple.

Lipstick Queen – Frog Prince
$25.00 at ULTA
Did anyone else have one of those color changing lipstick bundles from Avon when they were a kid? Well it seems what’s old is new again, and this even includes our previous take on color changers. Poppy King – Head Mistress at Lipstick Queen has upped the game. This fairytale changes to a rosy hue based on your PH and skin. Testing it in my Ulta I Loved Loved Loved the sheer rose almost nude pale mauve color.

Faded Glory Tshirt Dress
$8 Walmart
(On My $30 or Less Plan)
I love designers glam and sparkle. I think some wardrobes are just full of clothes that end up costing you more money when you wear them all the time. That white poplin shirt that requires $6 dry cleaning is not exactly budget friendly, when I wear it at least once every other week. College. I am paying for the Kid’s College !
For summer this year I am going to try to find a few pieces each week that are less that $30 for a complete look.

Is Avian Flu A Risk To Your Backyard Flock?

If you are currently in the Mississippi Flyway
Have free ranging flocks that frequent the same areas as water fowl
Do not provide good Bio- Security

Yes Your Birds are at Risk.

Can you save your Birds?


What States are affected?


So far flocks that have had to be culled are coming out of these areas. The two biggest culprits for spread have been interacting with outside migratory birds and water fowl, and cross contamination from other sources including feed.
Testing is being done to source these contaminates and I am sure more will be available.

By next fall predictions are that the birds migrating back for winter will impact the east coast.

The biggest first step we can take as responsible flock owners is to stop fussing over other’s birds :)
I know we all want to pick up cuddle kiss and love the new babies during chick season, and chicken math being what it is; we start with 2 and end up with 14.

Change clothes shoes and even your undies – wash – keep the new babies separated
(because you bought them I know you did)
Keep them separated for 21 days.
That is the HPAI H5N2 gestation cycle.

Pamphlet – Protect Your Birds
amphlet – Bio-Security

Backyard BioSecurity Tips

Q&A About Bird Flu

Other Resources USDA

Please start sharing and educating your fellow chicken friends. I see so many posts about “what is this illness” “why are my chickens dying”. Let’s educate each other.

Signature “Scent-ses” Aromachology


I try to use social channels and participate in reviews when my Ipsy bag comes each month. I love to share beautiful new finds and great makeup tips for the ladies in my life.
Last month, no joke, left a serious “wah thumbs down wah” in my mouth. Nothing in my bag made it to my makeup box in the bathroom.
“Its’a Alright Yah’Man”
That will happen.
Then you get another month. Boy do you get another month.

1- This month’s theme was Bohemian.
Meh I lived it in the 70s as a child – went through that phase in HS -not my thing

2- Soft feminine touches cute bag
but wait… maybe I like this

3- Holy Cow ! What smells so incredibly good?!?!?

Oh do I love this bag. I will absolutely cover more of the samples, but I need to tell you how fabulous I smell today.
I smell really good. Like you want to eat me up good.
No not chocolate cake good, like rose petal washed linens on a sunny afternoon good.

I may go running through a field of daisies screaming “NO NUKES” now.

I really wish Aromachology offered a mini trial scent set so I could see if their other fragrances are this skin licking delicious.

I was looking for a new signature scent this year. I have the worst luck with parfum. It doesn’t stay. Clarifies down to vinegar on my PH wonky skin and/or I smell like the cotton candy booth at the fair. Cute but not appropriate for me. This fits my bill, and I may even dabble in creating my own custom scent. Stand back.
I love how the pictures on the site also explain to you the scent variances and tones.


A Book For Mother

Well-Read Women

Well-Read Women: Portraits of Fiction’s Most Beloved Heroines

My mother loves beautiful things, strong characters, and a good whiskey.
It is no surprise she has always been “Daisy Buchanan” in my literary mind’s eye.
Innocently helpless, yet dispelled; sparkling glorious things surround her to distract her from the pain eating away inside.
Her one great love left behind, and saved by men who needed to save her, not love her.

Through it all, she raised one strong ultra feminist alpha female. Me :)
I devour books in single sittings and learned this great love from her. She always had another to tell me about, or put into my hands growing up. I was and am still under the belief, there is nothing in life Jane Austen can’t solve.

Her home is full of colorful beautiful paintings, colors and things that make you smile.

This is the perfect gift for any mom, literary nut, or lover of beautiful watercolors.

 ladiesSamantha Hahn takes stunning characters and brings them to life in dizzy floats of her brush. Memorable quotes follow for those daily reminders of the strength in each of us.

Help your mother remember some of her favorite books, you know the ones she tried to get you to read!

Become an IT*Girl with IT*Cosmetics – 25% Off Sale


My girlfriend Tami and I found out recently we are both IT fanatics by discussing our ever increasingly missing eyebrows. I would hate for you to miss the chance for something so amazing so here is a quick recap:

I am a pale freckled ginga’ lady who recently hit her 40s. My circa 1940 perfectly arched brows that rarely required waxing seemed to vanish right off my face.

I tried a product that showed up in my FB feed after some Google searches (thanks re-targeting).
Then there was the “brow bar” at a salon and at Ulta.
I considered brow tats. Not ruling that one out when I am older.
Finally I stopped back by Ulta after an advert caught my eye.

One of the makeup professionals helped me find some other trending items, and called over her “brow” expert. I can’t say enough about Angelique. Super sweet and very knowledgable. She sat me down for a “try-see” to compare the brand I thought I wanted and another she felt might be better suited to my interests. Both brands were great for sure, but the more cost-effective (cheaper) and longer wearing (waterproof) IT Cosmetics won out.

I am going to highlight more of the products that I use this week in other posts, but please don’t miss this sale. Below are the brow items I use. IT*Cosmetics is an amazing company, sold in salons, on QVC and in Ulta. The No.50 Primer has become my best friend, Tami raves about the CC Creme for winter, and I am finding the Powder flawless for Spring/Summer which are listed easily here on this page The Top 10. 

Creating Brows for Face after 40

Build-A-Brow Gel
Combines five different technologies that help you to create, shape, and define your eyebrows.

Brow Power® Lift Pencil
A dual-ended lifting, illuminating pencil of light.

Heavenly Luxe Build-A-Brow Brush #12
Uniquely designed to deliver a precise, even stroke that is perfect for building a flawless brow.

Brow Power Universal Eyebrow Pencil
The Original Award-Winning Phenomenon! Universal Brow Pencil with Active Brow Enhancing Technology

Calling All My Peeps

LeRoy and Babes

The Celebs (Maggie and Victoria Peckham) were two weeks old this weekend. It seems odd that already they have had their first dust bath with mom and tried meal-worms. The other chickens do not even notice them while they run the coop and stretch their little birdie legs. I have been a little more excited about this whole process than I think the other members of my Flock.

To see egg to birth of these little critters has been wonderful. In all my time on the farms of my youth, I have never had the chance to see a chicken hatch: my chicken. The girls are thriving under the watchful eye of Mama Hen (no not me) and get bigger and different each day. I can’t catch them for glamour shots, as they are really not at all into me. Yes it does hurt my feelings lets just get that out of the way.

Our Committee Members knew me as Mother. I was care giver snack lady bringer of dirt and the shepherdess to range time. They would sit in my lap to watch TV and grew for several weeks in our home while the coop was built by big Rooster Hubs.

I am excited for “MVP” (as I call them – think Brangelina)  to get integrated into the flock and have outside time more.

I am also going to start some fermentation. I was trying to get it ready over the weekend, but couldn’t find the right jar. A trip to HomeGoods may be in order tonight.