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Four Funerals and one Wedding

I am not quite sure why I was He-geeking. I do it every so often to stimulate my taste buds perhaps. Its my sensation of people watching. I could not ever be a paparazzi and I think its too late in my career to proclaim myself the next wannabe Annie Lebowitz. How I would love to spend a day with that woman.
So I collect photos of things I love and drool over, online. 

This year has been such a whirlwind of emotions. It seems more sadness than joy has been afoot lately and I attribute that to soul cleansing. I think there is a period in everyones lives where cleansing of old standards and view points has to happen to self actualize and see yourself more clearly. Sadly though there seems to be some tragedy or another attached to it. 

My family is the great american f*up. I can not really say it any other way. However in all the dysfunction and distance and inability to maintain any type of communication there is consistancy. The aunts were always good for a laugh and had some notion potion or pultice to cure anything. One affectionately deemed the black widow – killed her husband and never went to jail for it. While its never been said and no one knows what *really* happened. Just think Fried Green Tomatoes. I am sure 100 years from now some archaeologist will find his remains fossilized in the slick dark silt of the river. There were always horses, and amazing food and recipes going back to lands not remembered anymore. Then there were get togethers.. when they happened. They were very good.
Food and more food, that tasted like nothing you have ever had. Sweet corn picked right in the back yard and orange tomatoes , that had no acid but tons of flavor cut thick on a fresh ham sandwich. There were no lunchables or yogurt cups with this group. Forget about Starbucks. The coffee came straight from the percolator. Better than any latte you could lay your lips on. 
I remember these days. I remember growing up around these batty personalities. I remember the people (while relationships have been not the best lately), are part of my direst bloodline and physical history. I had rather strained relations with one Aunt after some meddling and inappropriate nonesense on her behalf. When she passed at the end of July I was remorseful over her loss, while not really willing to grieve over her. Its still weird to me. Yesterday however I got the news my Uncle (the oldest of Ethel’s children) had in turn passed as well sunday evening. This loss I am feeling much more deeply. I think, I know my mom is too. 
This uncle was our family historian and guardian. He taught my mother so much including how to read and write. He watched over her in Ethels abusive years and made sure my mom always had something to eat. The sisters and brothers raised my mom more than Ethel did. He was the true protector and when grandfather clarence died leaving ethel with children in both countries to financially mind for – it was he who went to work to support the family and Ehtels burbon luxuries. My mom is really feeling her family circle grow smaller and it must be such a mortality marker. Those who have been with  you, your whole life now passing on. 
I do not do funerals. I have helped with phone calls and will send flowers and legal notices. I will make a visit to them both when I travel up there in a few months. I will take recipes and I will cook for the other Aunts. I will tell them funny stories and make them laugh. I will cut thick tomatoes and even maybe make some really great coffee.

Bookers Wedding –
My girlfriends wedding from this April is being featured in The Knot magazine. Sunshiney spot.
She was called by her photographer earlier last week and then by the editor. I guess they had seen her photos online at her photographers site and did deeper research. The wedding was goregous and amazingly on a budget. It was held in a vineyard with reception in a barn. The subtle elegance and what you can really do on a budget was their main interest after seeing the stunning photographs. She is so excited. I cant wait to get the issue it comes out in.

Now to he- geeking….


Dominic as Sultry He-Vamp *Drake* in Blade Trinity.
 Wentworth simply wooing me…

Then theres Trent
Nine Inch Nails Trent Reznor  


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