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Deb's Halloween Swap!

I am so excited – the Halloween and Dishcloth swap have started!
I am geared and ready to roll for both!

September “Halloween Kit Swap”

The “Halloween Kit Swap”!!!
This month we will make up a “Halloween Kit” for our partners. Since Halloween is coming up next month I thought it migh tbe fun to put together a kit of Halloween items for our partners.

So here is what you will swap:

  1. A pattern for a small Halloween decoration or purse or bag
  2. Enough yarn for the project
  3. All the notions needed to complete the project
  4. Something orange or black
  5. Some Halloween goodies or candy
  6. A Halloween card [bought or handmade]

Let’s get creative and give our partners a fun project that they can make for the upcoming holiday for themselve or as a gift. The stores are filled with Halloween goodies and so there are tons to choose from.

Have fun with this one ladies


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