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My soul bloggy sister Angela

So I was reading Ang’s blog  as I do every couple of days since our swap started. It always seemed we had several things in common and I just giggle at her written antics. She can really spin a yarn or two in prose. (hhahahha snort.. spin.. yarn…. hhhh.. heee) Angela was part of one of the swaps I joined. I made a point to visit every blog say hi and try to get to know some new friends.
Today I log on and its been a week since reading last (my flu and all) and I am just floored.. we have been living the same life in different states!! So … here goes…
As posted Sunday Nov 4 I go shopping at Only Ewe to pick up my Atlanta Yarn Hop Passport. I also picked up some yarn for socks. I am determined to conquer DPNs. (yea cause that’s been going so well…) Well the first skein I pick up is TOFUtsies. I love the color and the little crab on the logo. Yes always the mermaid.. the crab attracted my eye. You have to understand I am still in that newbie.. colors logos and feeling inspire me to buy my yarn. I understand ply twist etc matter but to me…. by golly if I love it I will find something to make with it !!!
My second skein choice was made by the store owner Elyse. She suggested a great ply and brand that very usable pretty and easy to work up for newbies like me.

Lo and behold.. who went yarn shopping on Sunday as well in MA ? Why yes it was my funny blog friend.Angela

So scrolling.. she has posted pics of kitties.. well guess what those kitties look like.. none other than the infamous Mr Williamina Twinkle Toes McFluffin himself. I call him Willie for short.. Ang has orange kitties too! Ok ok .. I have 8 cats so my ability to hit every color spectrum is not that rare.. but to have two orange cats – twins and they look like her cats??.. again.. dismiss it as coincidence??? I think not ! I couldnt snap a picture of Smooth Orange Kitty (who is Fluffins twin but..as the name implies smooth and short hair). Fluffins found it rather funny I was chasing him with a camera in a screeching voice pleading with him to sit still. Finally caught him when he was sleeping. However… If we all notice for one minute… the darn cat actually lifted his head and smiled ! What a dork ! After all that chasing !

Speaking of socks… NNN !! FFFFRRR !! This is my first official cast on .. although Ive casted several times and frogged. I cant figure out a decent way to hold all these itty bitty wacky needles at once. Its a little wacky balancing 4 needles while using one to knit.. well two but any of you who have done DPN multiple knitting for those awesome socks.. well you know my agony. I have confidence I will conquer this. Already I am beginining to balance them and I am only on Row4. I am following a tutorial as I go so while not a pattern just yet.. it will be a sock eventually.

The Yarn Shop Hop is in the morning. It runs through the 18th, but I am going to hit all of them in one day:)  I wont have much time this next week with all my training for work to go out. I love contests and prizes… watch I wont win one da%& thing… rofl.


2 thoughts on “My soul bloggy sister Angela

  1. Well hello there blog sisterina, LOL!!! Practice, practice your DPNs! I remember when I frst tried I started with size #1 and it was SO frustrating! I kept pulling the needles out of the stitches. If you find you are still having problems later, try doing a pair of “house socks” with worsted weight yarn and that really helps to get the hang of working with DPNs, but on a better scale to learn.

    My orange boys are brothers :o) And there’s a girl grey tiger too, but she doesn’t love her photo taken, I do have one posted here though: http://angcraftcorner.blogspot.com/2007/06/why-humans-live-with-felines.html

    Maybe you have one of those too, LOL!!!!

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