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My First Design!

poinsetta patternpoinsetta pattern

♥Christmas Poinsetta ♥

I *designed* a scarf pattern with a color inlay. It’s kind of a “FairIsle” design and something I have been working on to try and teach myself FairIsle color working. I do not consider it nothing more than a work in progress but wanted to share the basic pattern of the color way with you.
The yarn was preselected as a choice for a scarf and then of course I fell in love with Noro mentioned on the Three Tams project. I had nothing to knit up over the last week as I did not organize any knitted xmas gifts. I saw some other patterns that had similar qualities and started playing with working color. What I came up with was wonderful. Then my mind of course started doing overtime and the design got better.
I really like the pattern and may have just created everyones christmas gifts for next year.. WAHAHAH!
poinsetta patternpoinsetta pattern
Needles : US6
Yarn: MC = Lion Brand Micro Spun color 098 = French Vanilla
CC (color B) Noro Silk Garden color = 255
Actual directions will be posted shortly on a real pattern. For those who do color work however and have experience this will allow you to understand my madness. I was able to include two poinsettas in my scarf so I think I CastOn about 50-52 stitches. Just as a starter point. I will revise this again once I actually restart. I have frogged the first one. Its gone.. so lets all have a moment of silence.. lol.


One thought on “My First Design!

  1. Hi* Thanks for your visit! 🙂 That pattern looks great! I must try it! I haven’t had the time to do Christmas presents either, maybe next year… I’ve never tried Lion Brand yarns… I still could figure out if they post it to Portugal… Nice blog, btw*

    Kisses from Portugal*

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