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Sugar Cookie Reflections

Christmas Willie

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Ok so Willie entertained the house this holiday season. I had no spirit so he jumped right in and took over. It was a good thing. The more I laughed the more I felt like cookies cocoa kisses hugs and piles of wrapping paper. Hes such a great sport and a real ham when it comes to getting attention.
I frogged the whole scarf and started on the new one. Going much better. I cant wait for my books to get here. I keep checking my order but am seeing everything is back ordered. I am going to write today to sort it out because these were ordered long before the holidays with a status of in stock.

So I got work done on the presentation I was supposed to give today. They bailed – never showed up. Heard from the account manager this isnt uncommon as they have been flippant in contractuals as well. Oh well.. I did my duty and razzled the woowoos. It was fun. Had to be super creative because their data is arranged a little differently than most of the ones I have been training on.

My *bossman* C has mentioned that 2008 will be bringing some exciting changes to our team and those of us in place are slated to be leaders in our vertical team. I am excited nervous and moon eyed about this. I finally feel sorted and in the right place.

DB and I need a getaway.


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