Cool Sock Tutorial!

You understand I am still indeed on the search for learning and working that great mysterious elusive rare creature the knitted sock.

Yes I can K2P2 on 4 DPNS and start the ribbing top band. Ok we have that down. I dont get the magic loop method or knitting on two needles. I dont have any books to really clearly lay this out and being that I need pictures to start until I get my groove.. yea well its been pretty hopeless thus far..

Until today.

Look what I found in my random wanderings which some how started on Ebay…
Extreme Knitting – 2 in 1

So … this is actually knitting two socks (one tucked into the ot her) at one time. Never fear dear reader.. there is actually assistance further down on tips – stuck stitches and oopsies. There is even a great blog from the author of this great tutorial where I found this:

Ok two great images in one little post! I love the La’Luchadores and the love and yearning I have for Angora Bunnies is timeless. You see.. its really the Bun that got me into this world of fiber initially. When I was young we had this huge craft fair. Its where I landed my first crocheted cross. Which I still have to this day and come to find out is a very vintage pattern. At this fair lo and behold was a lady sitting with bun on lap spinning. Now mind you.. back *then* it was considered an old timey activity. Very colonial (being that I was in Virginia) and very folksy for you know 1979. Her bun contendtly clicked and hummed while her wheel wizzed off his latent fur stacked in a bag to the side.

From there year after year until the mid 80s I kept running into Knitters Crocheters and Spinners at local street and craft fairs. From 1989 to about 1997 however they were no where to be found. Then in Florida at the Recreation of the Battle of Dade and civil war fair… there I discovered Bun again with another wheel lady.
Almost in same form and stature both sat like before bun on lap lady at wheel.
Suddenly all these flurries of child hood came back with my love for crafting crocheting etc.
This is what issued me to want to learn knitting. Which I still have not sat down and actually mastered. I guess no one ever masters it do they?

All patterns are different and subjective to the writer and of course everyone has their own techniques.

Thus I have discovered about myself:

I hord yarn and buy on impulse. If its a great color or feels “soft” I buy.
I have no idea what worsted weight or fingering weight actually means although I have a pretty good visual understanding.
I block something when I can not get instant gratification from completing a round row or project (dpn blockage.. hello)
The main reason I never finish anything big in Knitting is because I get distracted by something else I really want to try and dont give myself time to complete what I am actually working on. If I did complete I prob would feel accomplished and find other projects easier to work on. I frog instead.

Ebay Addiction Begins again…

Yea so I laid off ebay for awhile. Had an issue with an Asian seller who essentially ripped me off then never delivered of course and was permitted by ebay to leave me bad feedback. Sucks but it happens. I am moving past that and trying to still find the things I love.

I have shopped lately for vintage patterns – needles and trinkets. I have a new collection I found that I love. We will see how many pieces I can acquire. Thing is .. if I can start resourcing these, I may be able to also give them as swap gifts cause they are a really neat item. No I wont share just yet 🙂



2 thoughts on “Cool Sock Tutorial!

  1. What a beautiful lovely post! I love your stream of thought when you write things – thank you for sharing it! Though I have enough trouble with one sock at a time, though I do use Magic Loop, I don’t think I could handle two!

  2. 🙂 Thanks Anne 🙂
    I just start and sometimes am not sure whats falling out of my head or mouth. LOL
    Next month I am going to try this and see how it works – goodness knows I have tried every other method to learn how to do socks up to this!

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