To be a Girl

Presents ?

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Ok so heres a little secret – I love getting things in the mail. Its one reason I participate in swaps. That anticipation of seeing the box.. not knowing whats inside and unraveling all its little mysteries is thrilling to me.
On the flip side. Getting a gift from a guy.. WOOOOOOO

So I have been friends with J for a few years and we catch up where and when we can. He has been following some of my meanderings and knows that I love retro vintage smoutchba and ok well what girl doesnt adore cash.

My favorite product store is Sephora. SO they had this eye kit that has been wooing me for some time. As you can tell it showed up with all my other goodies.

Now ok yes everything tucked in here is awesome but let me explain why.

The book has been a work in progress and I know its something J is very proud of. His instructor wrote it and his photos are on the front so I know its a very bi accomplishment. The CD was handmade and I think this is the sweetest. Hes been trying to learn a Japanese Bamboo Flute and these are his recordings. All in all a very sweet package.

I went out last night and bought yarn and knitting makings with some of my money πŸ™‚


3 thoughts on “To be a Girl

  1. I have finished shopping for your package. I am finishing up on your little pal. I am hoping to get it out by Friday. I will email you with conformation number and the day I sent it.

    Hope you Monday is going well.

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