Feb Projects

Bag – for HSKS partner in the works hoping to finish it this next week

Phiaro Scarf – WIP its going very slowly – but working up well on the beautiful needles Kristi got me

Facecloths – Aunt Betty Aunt Phyllis for Valentines. I am actually attaching a picture of the sisters together. We lost another family member last week. My Uncle Norman. Toodles. He was actually the one that gave Gothlet her nickname Toodlebug. She doesnt remember him. Sad – I would have loved for her to meet him older now so she would have a memory of her family. I am taking her soon to go up and see Aunt B and Phyl. There are only 4 sisters left now includin my mom. Mom is getting very upset about that.


2 thoughts on “Feb Projects

  1. Congrats there Knottypurl, you are the 3rd place winner of the “Recipe Guessing” contest. Please forward me all your mailing info so I can send out your prize… 🙂

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