The Bewbs prevent me from knitting

Ok so all the previews have been coming out for the Interweave Spring knit issue. I talked about the Holly Jacket Previously and how I loved it so. I love most vintage fashions. Issue with vintage fashions – our grandmothers were roughly all a size two or smaller in the waist and have no tits. Maybe its the Ukranian in me but mama’s got back. I’ve also got a rack you see coming before you realize its me!!! The really great thing about Interweave they do this – our designs on every woman gallery. You vote for your favorite items and the office staff try on the items. There are all shapes but the most recent galleries all have ladies that have chests 37.5 or less. Hehehe… my chest would eat that and more!@

Off and on since my early twenties I have considered a reduction. It was always a scary thing to think about because really up until now its been a very dramatic surgery. Reduce Lift and the scares.. uhhh.. no thanks 🙂

I was browsing the Med Journals again in my lustful search for a better way. Then I came across a procedure and doctor whos been getting alot of press and pings. Its a lipo procedure to start that removes excessive fatty tissue. When the breasts are lessened in volume they change dramatically in lift and texture naturally. Which affects the overall composition. I love my bewbs. Dont get me wrong – their part of me I have no major issues that way and its not that I horribly ashamed. They are very well recieved 🙂 Its the head aches back aches inability to fit into any cute shirts and the fact that I have to wear BIGGER garments to house them I often look larger in size.

Im not portioned right 🙂 My butt legs thighs and calves are shapely. My tummy has a pooch.. im not at all concerned about that. I am happy in all this that is me.. cept the bewbs.

Dr Bittner could change that I believe. There are a few doctors here locally that offer free consultations. My first step is to get a mammogram again. I have had in the past fiberous cystic breasts and I need to make sure I have less cyst and more fatty tissue. Its one requirement. Secondly well being a woman I have to make sure theres nothing else hiding in there. Step two I want to loose a little weight. I want to get back to my pre move size, and perhaps my size around age 25. I was about a size 9. Then again I didnt eat anything in my twenties save martinis and all night dance clubs 🙂

Those are two prerequisites for me. Just for me to feel good about being healthy then if I am still saying to myself – self your waist is now where you really want it – your butt is truely banging hot .. but THOSE two watermelons attached to your arm pits !! oh NO !!!

Then its time to handle the melons!!!


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