Look what came home from the store…

Luxi's Binkie

Luxi’s Binkie,
originally uploaded by KnottyPurl.

Yes .. no that’s not Wolfie.
This is Biloxi. She is small soft and very HYPER.
She is a Border Collie / Lab Mix. Smarter than your average scooby doo and I absolutely love her already. Stupid I know. I was really apprehensive about adopting a new pup. WE have a ton of pets and this is one more hair messy source to the mix.

Here’s the thing – I am a great negotiator 🙂
The kennel/shelter sponsoring her offered free month of food heartworm meds and flea meds.. ok that’s a pretty good deal in itself.
I negotiated (and I am really serious) the following :

Fee – our hiding kittie that hates everyone – is going on an adoption campaign. The director is calling me Monday to get photos and start her on a web only so she doesn’t stress out further and get nasty in public. No animal gets adopted when their stressed and feeling ugly.

Freckles – The kitty that was born 7 days after Gothlet we are sure has cancer. She did her blood work and has several tumors. The vet that works on all the shelter pets is offering free end of life care and when its time they will put her down.

Yea all this for taking a pup who had been in the shelter for four months.

So the under story – Loxi (sounds more like Luxi) as we refer to bundle o joy is the perfect friend for Gothlet who is smitten with her. Gothlet needs another activity besides El Laptop. Myspace and Chat.
Training has been very committed and sleeping together last night of course made me go aawwwww.

When we went to the local petplace to pick up food stuff and goodies for Chip (he has had his boy surgery) this little pup was wondering around with her handlers. Very sweet full of kisses she was very interested in Gothlet. She sat nicely while K-diddy did the “im really not interested in you inspection” But the little yap and snuggle warmed even the toughest DeathRock Tweens.

That was it. We had a new baby.
Intact with Girlie Pink Leash and Sparkly collar.


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