Like I believe this..

You Belong in 1954

You’re fun loving, romantic, and more than a little innocent. See you at the drive in!
Flurries overnight and I attempted to start some socks.. which ended miserably when Luxie decided yarn was fun.
Called the postmaster. Been thinking my box was on the way to my pal for the Cocoa swap – hadn’t heard and due to work crazyness honestly was just waiting. Swap Leader wrote and said she hadnt gotten it. YIKES>So I placed a call to my postmaster because the online USPS says delivered. Uh.. yea no wheres my FLIPPIN BOX PEOPLE!!!
He is supposed to call today.
You  know I have called and called about this. I went missing three boxes at the holidays and with enough attitude wouldnt you know it .. they mysteriously showed up on my doorstep. One had been opened and retaped. How do I know? My partner for that particular swap had used this really cute hello kitty packing tape. You could totally see where it was cut. and then clear packing put over it.
I think my postal people are MEAN !!!
Update For Ms Lav A. and other blog friends –
Postmaster called and said they have it noted the package was delivered – however that notation came local and not timestamped from the PA area where my pal is. Meaning – a local person removed it from the que and it  never processed along the appropriate markers. As I suspected.
My previous package that had been opened – no nothing was missing – I took pictures and made sure to send her an email with a list of everything I delightfully found inside. Luckily it was fine as my sweet friend put alot of effort into her swap gift – as I in turn have done for my pal in this cocoa swap. Something very special in fact. (I bought her a very nice book and some really great yarn).
I will be getting a call back he said no later than 4pm and due to the evidence present he assures me my items will be returned. Ok it sucks there was a delay.. if I could just get my stuff back I would be happy so I could send it to my new friend.
I will also be going to anoter location to mail from now on. This location has been such a sore spot. I live in a very rural little town and I think the lure of packages is simply too much for some of these people to handle. Its like some treasure of the heavens they must obtain.
I am sure they are shocked when they open it to discover yarn and such. Its not like its a Ron Pompelli slice and dice biscuit making hot tub noodle oozzing facial cleansing razor.

2 thoughts on “Like I believe this..

  1. Your postal people suck, but thanks for sharing. I’ll pack my swap with that in mind, maybe send an inventory list or something so they can’t steal anything.

    Do you know if anything was missing from the package that they opened?

  2. Just want to say first, I love your blog, and second, I completely understand about postal service. I personally think my mailman is on crack. You’d have to be to be incapable of shutting the door on the mailbox. Just know I feel your pain.

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