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Making Cake

Elvis and SoSo winding

Elvis and SoSo winding ,
originally uploaded by KnottyPurl.

Yarn cake that is! Part of my valentine surprise was a gift card to do some much needed craft therapy shopping. I ordered a winder after having wanted to organize and scale down the mess that be my stash. This being said cake was to be the weekend project – among the inevitable basement de-stash.
I am moving in a few months. Its something I have to actually admit say out loud and get ready for.
Garage sale in the works I also have to have a space upstairs for an office now. I need quiet. I was trying to work downstairs because I like being around my family 🙂
Too dam noisy with the Pirate Potty Mouth Parrot.
She actually said FUCK the other day on a call. Now most of you simply think she just squawks. Maddux will cuss if not stressed but just pissed. She was pissed so there was this scratch loud clear as day cuss-word that came across while in the midst’s of presenting functionality to a client I don’t particularity like. Luckily said client was so dam busy chatting complaining and whining they didn’t notice naughty bird.

That said –
On today’s agenda- Basic cleaning.. ooOOoo
Upstairs room – outed and sprouted -freshening douching
Chaise getting moved to master bedroom
Desk Shelves and such – getting set up – upstairs
Dresser coming up for Gothlet going into her room for the great clothes pile – Hammi on top – clothes inside – good times

Gothlet is actually loving yarn winder and winding my yarn for me. How GREAT IS THAT !!
So shes not knitting.. shes making participating and yes its helping me!


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