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Gothlet Baby Pics

Kelyn First Xmas

First Xmas,

Oh yes – their all little faeries at this age aren’t they 🙂
I never had much time with K when little. I was working so dam hard to support and provide for her. Finding her baby album put together by several friends was a blessing today.
I loved taking photos of her when she was younger, this little at least because I could distract her long enough to get a sweet little pic.

This photo is one in a series that was actually entered in a baby contest and won the deal with Baby Gap. She did some seasonal work for them. When it became annoying and she was just not at all fascinated with picture after picture we stopped. But until then – she was more photographed than your average toddler and baby I’m sure. lol. Most of that had to do with the fact the kid would laugh at anything. She found everything so incredibly hilarious.
Farting noises coming up from her diaper, burping, people tripping falling running into things.
Even at that age her sarcastic nature seemed to be squeaking out.

It was fun looking at her pics and remembering who and when where they were taken. She doesn’t always like to look, there are pictures of her dad in there and sometimes its not the right mood for her to look at him. Most of the time she can and laugh and comment. Today wasn’t one of those days unfortunately. I also found my baby pictures. That was a laugh a thon…. retro mama and 70’s fun.. ohhhh yea !!!

She has been hinting for about a year now (since she got her first digital camera from DB) that she wants to do some photography. I have always had a camera in hand since she was very little. She sees how fun and beautiful pictures can be. Lets hope she wants to continue on with it.


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