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Pattern Swap 101

So I love to read blogs and find myself most days puring over the beautiful items many crafters create.

Secret love – vintage patterns. With the world being  ebay’s stage – I have found so many deals being off loaded by family of ones no longer using patterns. Recently I stocked a whole arsenal of goodies and really need to review them for my fellow blog friends.

Note – if there is ever a pattern you find that you would like to try please let me know. I will copy it and send you an email.

I believe this is ok in the copyright laws (if not please post me some comments about this) as long as the item is not claimed as yours sold as such and used only for * personal * use 🙂

I have so many friends across the pond who find great difficulty in getting US patterns for low cost and similarily I find beautiful works in Rebecca – Rowan etc that I would love to try.  Finding backissues that are not $$$$$ that then dont have $$$$$ in shipping can be difficult.

We swap yarn  – and often photo copy free and book patterns for our friends. Why not swap patterns? With out the post 🙂

Just a thought.


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