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In which I redo a doodoo…

Vogue Knitting CABLED TEE

Is for sale as you see when you click the picture or link above. Donna scored a great deal of vintage goodies. One thing I was really interested in was this tuxedo crocheted blouse. We chatted about the fact such a cute top could be altered like all great finds to be something modern and fabulous. Donna graciously scanned me a copy and emailed me so that I could work on it and work on redoing it@!

Cruising patterns tonight I found the Vogue tee and again the brainstorm started clicking.

Granted the VT is knit and has cabling and details the crochet version doesnt. But still .. this proves to me I do have an eye for classics that never go out of style and can be modified for the modern diva.

Ahhh Dolce… where is my phone call ?

Project Runway could never be my gig.. but still… Fashion World.. why does thoust betray me ?

Ten Trends for 2008

Rethinking Instant Gratification
Radical Transparency
Outwitting Disease
Blue is the New Green – As seen in Pantones Color Trend forcast for Fall 2008 fashions ->
The World is Local – going global in a big way – perhaps culture knitting and patternwork?
The Personal CPM
Demography’s Dead
Queen Trumps King – fun gifts for my World Series of Poker Guy?
Cooperative Consumption -> Farming for the conscious
Stretching the Bubble: Reality Checks for Two Giants
Whatever Happened To…?

So hmmm..

Spring 2008 brings a romantic pastel pallete of colors

Summer 2008 brings colors that make me feel like I am in Madrid.

Thing I am seeing is that this blue.. that is the new green is going across all seasons and slightly changing to match other palletes.

I love the blue.


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