Days of wine and tornadoes

Theres the tornado

Yea fun
By now most of my friends around the nation have made contact with me one way or another. Everyone was curious about our storms last night because in history across the nation – rarely have tornado’s ever ripped through a metro downtown region.

Last night one torn through Atlanta breaking popping tearing and just destroying everything in what was to be about a 15 minute path of destruction. Historical landmarks including the cemetery where Margaret Mitchell is buried (Gone with the Wind). Centennial Park and several down town historical buildings were ravaged. Most thankfully were not destroyed and no one was killed, but the mess was made.

In the matter of an hour our basement became home to me – gothlet – three pups all the cats yes even the hamster and bird made it down there. What a fine execution of planning (smirking).

Really it was the weather man saying : “If you live here and here seek cover now its coming right at you and across 400 now”.

The great race to the cinder-block protection device was a drag push and toss pets down the stairwell. You dont realize how completely retarded your pets are until they want listen on behalf of their own safety. . . b)
Luxie – fine it was a puppy party to her  Wolfe – achey from arthritis he complained the whole way but listened Chip – put on the skids and ran away from me like I was the plaque. Stupid. Had to leave him while I tried to carry the hamster and bird down. Funny things – Fluffins – kept helping me herd the pets down followed me back up and down. When Chip put his back legs first to put on the skids at the second attempt Willie went up and batted him in the face as if to say “get moving sucker”

I had to do a dead mans lift hoist him and take him down. Fun.

Right as I sat in our little storm corner the hail started pounding the side of the house. Well and my car 😦
It cracked and sounded like little grenades going off. The whoosh of the wind indicated the storm was passing. I kept waiting to hear the freight train. I never heard this noise. I heard a “whoosh” that somewhat rattled the house and reminded me of the dry dusty debri tone a DustDevil makes going across the Tucson desert. They are I guess to some degree tornadoes – but they carry only small fragments of sand tumbleweeds and light objects. The noise they make however is similar. It rattles for a few seconds and afterwards you hear the sand still being pulled in following and rattling along. This noise lasted the same length of time. Rattled debris dust dirt left over hail and then was gone. Not wanting to peak my head out (you look left tornado is right behind you on right) and risk getting face smack and blown away – I waited 5-10 mins.  headed back upstairs for a news check leaving animals and goth safely tucked into corner.

It had passed had hop skipped over our area (wasn’t really on the ground much) and was now at Lake Lanier on the ground flattening cell towers elect lines and trees. Goth came up – animals came up. Had 70’s cats in crates and placed them bird in cage and hamster in cage in center of room. Sat down to take off dog collars… low and behold here comes Glenn Burns – Number two is now crossing through Canton heading towards Cumming. Yes the second in a hour @

Take two. Waited of course until they were convinced yet again it was crossing 400. Yep ok take two to the batcave again!
I love sitting in spider (my biggest fear) infested areas. You know you get those weebie jeebies their crawling all over you. Plus I am highly affected by dust.. Its one reason I suffered endless allergies bleedy noses and mass tissue consumption in my youth in Arizona. Plus side – Gothlet snuggles in fear and I can be a mom reassure her tell her whats going on outside and talk to her about whats happening. I was able to really discuss the elements of these storms and where as earlier in the day she could care less.. now there was sincere interest. Why does the hail come first why is it so big what makes it so common in these storms? Why does a tornado come out of the clouds in a spiral… on and on plus we laughed about the dogs farting and the cats going crazy. We came up with a better game plan for next time since we learned how retarded pets are this time. We looked at boxes that have been sitting down there for two years and realized we really needed to clean out our basement next weekend and have a garage sale 🙂


3 thoughts on “Days of wine and tornadoes

  1. I have visited this site on many an occasion now but this post is the 1st one that I have ever commented on.
    I never leave empty handed, sometimes I may even be a little disappointed that I may not agree with a post or reply that has been made. But hey! that is life and if every one agreed on the same thing what a boring old world we would live in.

    Keep up the good work and cheers.

  2. Glad you’re ok. Honestly, I didn’t even know about the tornadoes in Atlanta til this morning at work. My husband and I live in a news free world in which we never know what is going on. Glad you’re ok, but I can’t imagine getting all the pets down in the basement and to stay there.
    I feel for your dislike of creepy crawlie spider feelings in basements. I hate spiders. Glad you survived that too!

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