Dammit Janet I needa shoe…

Getting Older does make one miss Rocky Horror Night 🙂
When I was a spry young 20 something (you know 2 years ago ahmm) I would gather with the group of my skallywags and head down to the Tucson Art House .. the name escapes me now. Midnight meant banter and line recitals of that famous 1975 film that my parents in no fashion or form would have ever let me even know about.
Considering the Admiral and the Virgin Mother Mary – never even  let me see the Exorcist (ok not wounded on that.. im still too scared to see it) or Xanadu.

I remember late nights tight jeans a butt that hadnt migrated to me knee caps coffee houses and retro eyeliner.

Ahh sigh…

The thing is.. honestly if I had a cluckle of free spirited friends I would absolutely round them up every so often to go do the time warp again. Certainly if Nay lived here she would go with me anytime. DB I dont think would honestly be able to get past the crossdressing fishnets.  That is if either of us could stay up late enough to actually go 🙂

 This all being reflected and the fact I have discovered I am extremely homesick…. I need to make a trip home and see what friends I have left. I know Nils is still around and would be the only friend I would prob hook up and hang out with.  I dont know where everyone else is.
I think I would have to visit my old house – leave flowers for spooky, visit GatesPass where Kelly and always got drunk and hung out.
Histor Tombstone – where I told DB about the Desert Honey made from the Worlds Largest Rosebush.

Somewhere in existance there is a photo of me and that bush in my rocking 80’s geranimals..


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