Faster Pussycat Faster – Knit Fast !

One of the topics I have been interested in a great deal lately in regards to my knitting is speed.  While I am still in that learning curve of wanting to really develop my technique and skill set – it is important to know I wont get caught in the knitting “black hole” of never finished WIPs. Its very destructive to Knitting Psyche. We like the gratification of a work completed. We love the ohs and ahs our families and friends illicit when something that looked like nothing to begin with or while in progress turns into that kicka** thing everyone wants !

“Ohhh make me one please”

There are a wide spread web of opinions on what to do or how to make yourself the knitter that clicks like a watch while turning out a sweater.
It doesn’t just happen like that and I have never personally (yet) seen anyone who’s sticks make a second by second click click click while doing anything more challenging than a scarf.

That being said.. HELLO HARMONY!

I am officially starting a Tam. I know .. stand back. Shes got a project on the sticks.. you have got to be f*kkin kidding! No really click that picture above darlings, there’s really something there 🙂
I fell in love love love with the Three Tams pattern in Winter Knitty. I ooohd ahhd and discussed only these beauties with anyone that would listen. But I had not done a hat – had trouble with “in the round” and of course everyone knows my fear of DPNs. My desperation to learn the magic loop and such. Well isn’t it funny how one thing (like getting needles as a gift) can change your perspective on wanting to learn something.

I am not ready for 3 Tams. I will be soon 🙂 I have cast on a basic Tam pattern from an old book that belonged to an Irish friend. Its nothing as fancy pants and Cosy would make and there’s no color as the Tams pattern above.. but its a starting point (haha) for me and my circular Harmony’s.

These needles are amazing and I sincerely wish if everyone could just pick up one pair.. just one… give them a whorl. My stitches don’t slide off (a previous testing experience) and I can swiftly move through stitches. I can actually see the progress I am making and don’t feel like I am doing a row for nothing (phirah scarf).


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