I have found Damask Kauni

Maria from Passing down Crazy started a pictorial on her work with Kauni. I had never heard about it or the infamous cardigans. My tag surfer here on word-press allows me the option to select key phrases and words I have interest in – add them to a list and all blogs that title categorize or list those as items of interest will appear by the minute. Every time that someones posts something new I can go to my surfer and see what my fellow bloggers are saying.

Plus – i have found tons of interesting blogs to read and get info from

Minus – if I don’t tag comment save or bookmark I loose joyous reading material.

On the this glorious thing. Would I wear a sweater like this .. no. Would I make a hat or scarf for myself or loved ones .. oh yes ! You really have to read the blog – she had this pattern for a damask pattern but decided the variation in the Kauni colorways would really cause a lovely effect. As you can see.. she was right ! My thing – because I love Fair Isle work – this yarn would be perfect. I am having the toughest time finding it though. No LYS here seem to carry it. I sent out a ton of emails.


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