Do you have Flat Feet Socks?

Is it really what you think it is ?


Wed went over to the LYS – Cast On Cottage – to get the remaining goodies for the HSK swap. In the process found this huge basket of knitted goodness that was really lovely. I wasn’t sure if I was looking at scarf examples or works from students. Honestly its not displayed well as to what it is.
Flat Feet – is a new concept in hand painted yarn for sock knitting. The site explains it more eloquently with added photos. Essentially a flat knitted bat is hand painted – you unravel as  you knit. I loved the thought. Still not ready to go there.

SO – back to my original statement. Was not displayed well at LYS I didn’t get what this basket full of flats was for. Too expensive. As much as I love my LYS’s sometimes the prices are just ridiculous. I have for the most part, found yarn on-line that matches my needs or pattern specification and even with shipping will spend 30% less than what I would buying local. While I am an advocate of supporting local artist store owners and commerce.. please tell me why on earth I would spend that much more ? 5-10% ok fine – I can have it here have it now not wait 5 days for delivery. That’s absolutely valid. 30%.. screw that I will wait the 5 dam days and get more shit !


3 thoughts on “Do you have Flat Feet Socks?

  1. Completely agree. One LYS I have has very reasonable prices but she only carries very few luxury type yarns, like Silky Wool and one brand of Alpaca. So I go there for cotton and felting wool and acrylic. The other LYS carry soft pet-able yarn but usually I can only afford to shop their discontinued reduced yarn. The other I drool and dream about. I can get something similar from Knit Picks, get more of it and if I buy enough, not even pay shipping. It’s ridiculous.

  2. I am in absolute agreement with you on the KnitPicks thing! I can get wool that while not as *fun* as perhaps some sock yarns – is still the same in durability and wear for 1.99 a skein from KP. Ok well for me making something .. this is a good deal . Gifting no.. not so much understandably. Man o Man are LYS expensive !!!

  3. BTW, you mentioned wanting to test knit something for me. Are you on ravelry? If so, let me know, I’m knitkninja on there as well. I’m almost ready to send out the pattern for testing and I can send your preferred color of felting wool as well. Just let me know if you are still interested. 🙂

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