Drinking · knitting

Hack Cough Puke

heheSo on any given night in the last past 2-3 weeks I have been so full of phlegm my eyeballs and brain dance their own samba on my forehead.

Usually this combined combined with the mass amounts of drugs I am on makes for delightful cocktail of insanity. Just add Vodka and I am good to go.

I have decided Vodka is the cure all – which is actually funny since I used to hate it. Recently (im getting old) my views on that have changed and well its just the perfect little treat at the end of any dark tunnel.

Car wont start 8am – Vodka Zinger
Day looks like hell in Outlook 9am – Vodka Cranberry
Coughing so hard you puke previous vodka goodies 10am – Vodka and Peach Smoothy (coating)
Difficult Clients and realizing your phone is disconnected right before your presentation call – 11am – Second Batch of Smoothy mixed with Chilled Vodka – mostly vodka very little smoothy.
Business Pal makes you cry 12noon – Last portion of vodka bottle (2 shots worth) swigged with toast.

3pm rolls around and you realize there’s another Vodka bottle in the fridge… Start Drinking.

Those Brits on Absolutely Fabulous – had it all right. Drink Drink Drink and just dont come up until your completely sure you have offended every possible person, numbed every aspect of your face (like botox only better) and cant walk a line in the grass if you had to.



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