Grand Theft Auto IV

Yea I really did just post that and really want it.  AM I a video game playing junkie …oh no. My favorite game happens to be Sonic the Hedgehog. Yes I am serious. I am no guitar hero and I am lost on the seduction of 360.

This however has completely caused some serious desire in my bones!


Not sure, could be the dark Russian Mafia Type characters, the very Brooklyn accents and references. I love the fact I can run a car into the wall a bazillion times.  The local gameshop had it on for 5 minute play. Niko is my game boyfriend. I am sure the 19-25 somethings (and even a few of the dirty hippie 40 comic book idiot somethings) thought I was a complete idiot running into a wall. Fuck them.

I do weird things in video games, I want to see if my head will go through a wall or character gliches will come out if I try and moon a bitch on wheels. I like dancing the funky chicken on WOW and stealing other peoples crap.

Any way. This game promises to be YUMMY !!!!


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