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In which… I make everyone at work Laugh….


What’s that.. my future wife charity is having typo issues again and keeps thinking this company is of Elven origin ????

So I have a new client who shall remain nameless but resembles the spelling of “Legalos”.

I am so completely exhausted today after being up until 3am last night that when I first saw the name of course my brain went into a bazillion different directions shattering and all of course landing on this fine specimen from movie seduction.

I often will send a funny picture out to keep my classmates spirits up and morale happy. This one hit home and all my intelligent men folk who are just so totally LOTR savy giggled. I of course find humor in their humor so a giggle fest thus landed for roughly an hour or so.

Its been a very rough week so its good to giggle with your gang.


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