Sake Super Fly

Because yes now that I am blond its important to not only post about my iconic bitches but detail the brain drain I suffer now.

I find that at times I do stumble over words pause and almost go glaze over doe eyed stupid.
Yea no its not the amino acids that stripped the dark umbres hues and auburns from my hair follicles. Its the fact im exhausted on a daily basis and well the drink doesnt help.

Hit the HachiHachi last night for some comedy cooking and well alcohol.

The sake slipped down the back of my throat like some fantastic .. well (hehe blush) none of that talk here ! Anyway.. as the shots kept coming my body warmed up and my inhibitions ceased to exist.

What followed was a tremendous headache. I have had it all day and I am just miserable. I was even sick to my stomach this morning. Then it dawned on me.. wasnt the sake.

It was the dope. SOMEONE was smoking in the car. I dont care to or even like to. I always get sick or feel wicked odd and just you know my heart cant take it. Yea I have a contact smoke headache..


I am so going to kick some toosh!!!


2 thoughts on “Sake Super Fly

  1. Finally I’ve came back to read your blog! πŸ™‚ great stories as usual! πŸ˜€ And you’re blond now?? ih ih ih I must post a pic!!!

    kiss* Sofia

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