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Woodstock Museum Opens June 2, 2008

For any child of the 70’s listen up. June 2 in the quaint little town of Bethel (not on the farm but close by) the museum that welcomes education on the event that conceived most of us will open.

Former Mr Cablevision Guru Alan Gerry sank millions to create the Bethel Woods Center for the Arts   in an effort to give back to his severely economically depressed home plate but also more importantly document a part of history that is sadly passing. Adults in their 20-30’s who attended Woodstock are now the 60-70 seniors gently passing away from this generation with out leaving any final legacy on all they have seen and went through.

It is the site my mom smoked her first joint and my real father proposed to her. It is the site where they took their VW bug for a weekend music festival and with bazillions of others almost lost all time and space.

Talk about one of the biggest harmonic convergences.

Watching CBS this morning, this news of daisy chains and bell bottoms history made my summer vacation plans change dramatically.

I know where I am going this summer 🙂

The Museum

I will post a picture for you all of the very truck that went to that event and the story (that be me) that followed.

My real father met some of his first jam band buddies at Woodstock. It is what started his career in the music industry. There is a rumor somewhere up in Bethel – there is a photograph of him sitting outside a little cafe jamming on his guitar with a group of flippy hippies.  I am going to try and find it.


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