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It's happened again Girls!

I have a date for Girls Night Out to SATC !

MR and I were talking on our team vertical meeting yesterday and are going to meet for dinner and drinks for Movie Night tonight. We don’t have two fellow sisters to tag along and do the foursome requirement, but that’s OK there’s enough of us to go around.

I have the Carrie hair ! I have the Vera Wang blossom shirt skinny jeans and some splashy silver heels. Its a summer stunner of a movie night outfit! How can  you see SATC and not be tagged like a label whore!

Next Friday is the Atlanta team night out.

BSB (my new title for my boss) is back in town for meetings and family stuff so hes taking us all out on a dinner and drink extravaganza. Should be a hoot. I wish he were here more often. Its nice to be able to spend time with real adults and not stuck in front of this screen 24/7

He is still pushing the travel and training, which is not something I have detailed. The one client who first suggested/requested doesn’t actually have the planned hours or money to send me around the world. Local travel throughout the US much different. I am still planning on working out the passport and then other details just in case.

JW is in the process of trying to get his resume in. We are hiring sales engineers and AM/AEs like crazy. I want his resume to pass up and need to get it in soon before we fill for another couple of months. Now is a really good time. We are hitting that into summer height of promotion area and lots of sales are happening. Additionally we will start by July promoting out heavily the fall and holiday markets. Its a good time for him to get on staff and learn about product to be able to start making the bucks.  I really want him to get this job. He is so stressed about house move and finances. His travel plans are even changing. This week was supposed to be the Citadel and I know California and Savannah are coming up again… crazy.


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