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Vacation Theme :: Very Zen

Yes do not freak I actually took a vacation!

St Simons and Jekyll Island. We left yesterday afternoon after clients and work were put to rest.


Biloxie and Wolfe were not thrilled to visit El Vetero for boarding. Lox put on the skids and all but wrapped herself around my feet so as to no go in.

I haven’t been around talked about life or even detailed whats happened. I do not know that I want to go back in time. I will say I have made some amazing new friends, had no vacation and love my puppy.

We lost Henry (big orange cat thats been with me 17 years) in August. His liver started failing. He stayed two weeks with the vet and tried fluids tests billie lights. We found no reason cancer or anything else for the failure. I brought him home and he lived on for several more weeks. I decided after spending time with him loving him and keeping him comfortable that he got to a point where his quality of life was decreasing rapidly. It got to the point where he was not taking any fluids or eating his baby food. I took him in. Really hard day. Much harder than Freckles. She had cancer and was suffering all that .. But Henry was just so special to me. It was just hard. Now he Gizmo and Freck are all together in a little cabinet in my bedroom. My adult life started with the three of them, now they are all together.

This island is beautiful. Pix and I got up early and took a long walk down the beach. The tide was high so we had to walk among the breakers on the back side and had no beach to really walk on. We got down to the deadwood forest and on our return had to wade back through the incoming water.

I have brought yarn.

I have not knitted since before June. Its time to start picking up my skills again and get back in the swing.


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