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Werf ma Cakez ?

Werf ma Cakez ?

Werf ma Cakez ?,
originally uploaded by KnottyPurl.

We celebrated the dogs birthday tonight. Silly yes I know some people just really love their pets to weird and unusual levels.

Thing is, I am not really sure its that we love to celebrate or that they do more. Our dogs genuinely get excited over treats celebration and the activities contained.

They know birthday cake is sweet and tastes good and that inside paper wrapped and ribbon loaded packages lie bone goodness.

We did a simple homemade pizza that was absolutely delicious and then had cake with the puppies. No we had a separate one not the same one they laid their tongues into and licked.

Chippie Wolfe and Luxie all got a little cake in their bowls and had a plop of ice-cream.

Call me silly crazy or that weird cat lady on the corner.. if you must .. but you have to admit a picture says a thousand words and these all end in “LOL”


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