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In which The Rob becomes famous on Flickr

I must deliver the news to Secret Agent Fred who snapped the infamous Rob and ended the whole controversy on whether or not The Rob exists.

FYI – The Rob has a new nickname (SloMoPecs). This to be detailed below once I declare his famous-ness.

So I log onto Flickr this morning to add pics of Brits Hat and blog more about that (will have to wait until tomorrow) and notice I have had activity. When someone posts on your pics on Flickr it shows in your little status bar etc. Kinda Cool. Ok moving on.

Comment :

Hi, I’m an admin for a group called Slworking: Slacking While Working, and we’d love to have this added to the group!
Ok you have to laugh. First off SloMoPecs wasn’t slacking he was stretching leaning back and chillin cause he was in an intense chat that needed his cool factor intact. I know the silly one has no slack in him. Still funny all in all.
Ok so. SloMoPecs:
Watch the Video and wait for it. I reached out to Rob to assist in troubleshooting a situation. While we were waiting for changes to load he shared his love of Literal Video. Its a very great thing. In fact so great I peed myself a little laughing so hard.
Ok and I so LOVE the Yerpa Flea is wearing in the intro to the vid – off subject from literal video but still a knitted delight all in all. Its very similar to the hats im making shin and brit.

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