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Cheap Curtains Kitchen

Private and Adorable

Private and Adorable,
originally uploaded by KnottyPurl.

I had this brainstorm back around Nov 1 that I needed cafe curtains for my kitchen. The white blinds are awesome but get whacked around by the cats way too often. They also don’t bring back the whole color concept of the chocolate kitchen (which remains to be unpainted completely yet).

Yes it is really getting done Turkey Weekend.

I was in Wallies with Mama and happened on the discount clearance bin as only I can. Its always such a happy place for me. Don’t know what it is, maybe I am just severely counted in the Cosmos as being the Tight A** Queen. Wow.. you know that didn’t sound that funny when I thought about that.. but on paper it looks worse.

Moving on.

5$ yes really. A shower curtain. Wacky.. who would put that IN their kitchen. Who? Me !
Its not long enough width wise to be a full curtain above with window frame with drape. So whats even better ?

Cut the sucker in half and cafe rod it !

Steps to your own wonderfulness:

1- Thrift Store Walmart Fabric Store – Score some cheap ass fabric that is around shower curtain size (70″w72″l) and lay it out on your cat hair covered living room carpet.

2- With right sides facing (that’s the pretty pattern color side for you non sewing folk) fold bottom up to top lay down and cut along the fold.

3- On shower curtains naturally the *top* has that plastic one inch liner with holes cut in it for the hoops to hang it. This is going to be the BOTTOM of one curtain. The hemmed bottom on the other cut piece is going to be your BOTTOM on side 2.

4 – Because of the clips I used (little clippie O-rings technically called cafe clips 99c bag of 14 walmart) I need to seam the top of side 1 and 2. I didn’t want to sew so I hot glued the fuggers. Fold down about half an inch or so, hot glue and repeat all the way across.

5 – Clip on your rings – Hang your rods in your windows – slide your cafe curtains on.

Few little side notes. You will notice side 1 is all droopy and wacky. I only used 7 clips on that side where as side 2 i used almost all 14. I like side 2 better looks a little more tailored. Really your preference. Some colorways will look better droopy depending on the material your using. Side 2 – clips are spaced about 3-4 inches apart.

Also – that ugly hemmed with the hole (should be the top of the shower curtain edge) cant really be seen. See if you can figure out which curtain its on. Its really not apparent unless someone is looking for it.

If you wanted to put more energy and time in sure you could cut both edges and hem them by hand or machine.

I made this in 10 minutes if that tells you my interest in spending a lot of time hemming 🙂


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