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Knitters Gift #1 = The Great Yarn Ball

The concept of the Yarn Ball is to provide a Knitter Friend with a skein of yarn perhaps they have yet to try and or a luxury one they would never buy for themselves. As a whole most crochet and knit fanatics are the generous sort who love to knit for those they love and those in need. It is nice to gift something to they, the tendered fingered who made your scarf and hat set last Christmas.

Anywhere on the net or in Yarn Stores– hek even amongst the bargain book searches yeilds tons of patterns for simple quick knits to enjoy and make up. With everything on sale and that last minute gift awaiting your final purchase, why not put a little love behind this one and show your knitting friend you did think about them in more ways than one.

Additionally there seems to be a ton of swap out there this year with the yarn ball. So .. what exactly is it?

The Yarn Ball Theory =

1- 3 skein yarn + lots of little tokens stitch markers trinkets needful things + imagination = one awesome gift.

Well lets take it a step further !!!!

1 skein awesome yarn
(oh the choices)

1 Fiber Sphere
The best new thing ! Its a durable little ball that you can place a yarn cake in or really any small yarn ball. Larger skeins will need to be caked first via a yarn winder for those who may be interested in this product (review next week).

OPTION: Clear Fillable Plastic Ornament


The Goodies :

Stitch Markers – Beads – Buttons – Ribbon – Knitting Trinkets – Candies – Roving – Art Felt needles and supplies – Vino Topper (for those of us that knit with a glass of merlot – dangerous i know) – Charms – Cable Needles – Yarn Bobbins – Shawl Pins – Earrings – Rings – Harry Winston… (oops sorry my own little delectable wishes there lol)


So this is where the yarn ball gets easy. Start with your sphere or ball – open fill with candies chocolates or any delicate items such as a glass ornament gift. If you are going to put an ornament in the sphere make sure to fill it with some crinkle crunch or roving (fun for felting another gift look at that!). Begin to wrap your yarn around the plastic ball. As you go along lay one little goodie in and wrap wrap wrap. The idea is that as you wrap each little gift your knit addict must actually make something with her/his yarn to find all the treasures. Ending with your special treat in the ball. I suggest the sphere because it really is a gift in itself. There are so many ways to work this even on a budget.

Go luck and happy crafting friends !


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