Sundance once again tunes into my Psyche

 1  2  3

1- Ear Flap Hats – Like I am making for Brian and Brit – if you dont have time to knit. Not at stylish as mine but still cute.        #44946 $28.00

2- Flip Top Gloves – like the subway mittens made so popular on Knitty,  Ravelry  and other sites – yep Robert’s got em too.  #45349 $28.00

3- Happy Toppers – no not just condoms anymore. These knitted bottle baubles are the way to say I can Martha Anything! #47235 $24.00


The holiday Sundance came today if you couldn’t tell. So – why Charity loves Robert.
He loves horses, campfires, a good movie, and a great flannel shirt. His face murmurs wisdom I am sure I will never understand and his heart sings often of the joy his life has lived through countless others. He is in its truest form a cowboy. He hugged Paul Newman. He belives in art, adventure through expression and can bring most women 21 – 81 to their knees.

I want my mom to marry him and if she doesnt I will.

So he also has this great catalog – Sundance. Yes based where my work is based. Constructed and supporting the secret home away from home I want to live in – Salt Lake City – Provo.


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