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Andean Chullo Hat

Way back when (Nov) I offered to make Shin a hat. Hats take me normally about two weeks. This is how long it took to make Britt’s hat. I must have ripped Brian’s hat out 200 times already. Not happy or satisified with the colors patterns work up or over all look.  Girls I think are easier to knit for. We love colors and often have favorites and will in all be happy with most anything. Guys yea thats another bag of beans.

In the holiday season Knit Picks came out with a kit for the Andean Chullo Hat everyone on Ravelry was aflame with this fun kit and all the Knit Picks Groups wanted in on the fun. Sadly the kit went fast and I did not get one.
Today Tina announced it was available as a pattern. I am so excited because yep I found that extra little 4.99 in my paypal and ordered the PDF! I have a bazillion yarn combos I need to destash including some of the Andean Palette itself. This will help. The hat takes I believe 9 colors all together.

That pattern just arrived via email after about an hour so I will start working on it tonight. I have to have it finished by May 1 to clean dry and wrap for Client Service Kick Off week. I will be flying out to Utah to go to headquarters and need to have all my knitting down before so I can start something new.


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