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The art of being Laid Off

When one door closes, another one opens The current state of the economy, people losing their homes, their jobs, have been an opportunity for many to wipe the slate clean and start over.

When you work at a company and lose your job during this financial crisis, you suddenly realize that you are disposable and that is truly crushing to have to accept. If you change your way of viewing such a loss, you may find a lot of blessing in the situation. For one, you can reevaluate your life, where its heading and now have a second chance to really seek your passion. I believe everyone should love their work yet many don’t get an opportunity to seek a career in a field they possess such a passion for – I for one was forced by my family into a career in Death and Forensic Sciences. While it was a great job from the perspective of remaining employed (people die everyday)– lab rats and detectives are always in demand – there is a REASON they are always in demand – its a high-burnout career.

The depression I would suffer from the feelings I had (while seeing a 4 year-old girl on the slab) was sinking into my life. If you are human, you can’t just discard what you see and experience when dealing with life and death situations not to mention the cruelty of humans against their fellow man.

I have tested the field for many jobs and while I am still searching, I am not giving up the fight. I love the job I have now and hope we have longevity. In the meantime, I will be looking to train learn and grow.

So to those of you who may be facing a layoff, please watch this following news video. Its an extremely inspiring as well as empowering story of 3 people who have been laid-off and how its opened doors for them to pursue their true passions in life.

GMA Laid Off: A Blessing in Disguise


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