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Freaky deeky fun Movie facts – Spooktacular Spooktacular

I know its not exactly the way one should open a blog dedicated to the knit – cook – craftnista   lifestyle of a LuLu but every Lu loves her Gore.

Actors Who Died in Filming:

Actor: Bela Lugosi
Movie: Plan 9 From Outer Space (1959)
Story: Plan 9 is often called the worst film ever made, but Director Ed Wood was able to hire horror movie icon Bela Lugosi because the actor was 73, past his prime, addicted to morphine, and up for anything that paid. Wood cast Lugosi as “the Ghoul Man.” After compiling just a few minutes of footage (with no dialogue because Wood hadn’t actually written the script yet), Lugosi died of a heart attack.

Not wanting to lose out on the publicity from having a recently departed screen legend in his film, Wood shot the rest of Plan 9 with Tom Mason, a Los Angeles chiropractor, standing in for Lugosi. To account for the two men looking nothing alike, in all of his scenes, Mason held a black cape over his face.

Link: Plan 9 from Outer Space


2 thoughts on “Freaky deeky fun Movie facts – Spooktacular Spooktacular

  1. I just love plan 9 from outer space!
    Moving tombstones, moving walls, Tor stucked in the grave, Bela on loop, shitty cuts and UFO! Don’t forget the UFO, haha.
    But I think it’s not the worst movie ever made. ‘Beast of the Yukka Flats’ is even worse, but this is just IMHO, hehe ;]

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