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I joined a new group today on Ravelry. It is the Georgia Cloth Swappers. This group is still small being only a few local ladies who love to swap dish cloths, but don’t want to pay the excessive postage to ship all over the world.

Our newest exchange is the Round Robin #6 with the theme : Holidays.  The goal  – make 2-3 cloths to place in the box when you get the box you take what you like and pass it along. Candies – recipes – treats – supplies – can also be added to the box for the next recipient’s pleasure should they seek to take those items.

The cloth I have selected is the Star.

My favorite shape since I can remember has been the star. I still have a piece of paper from when I was 2 that has my crayola jibbers on it.. and among the scrap are these beautiful little gold stars, that I swear if you hold the paper close enough you can still smell the wax. My best friend when little had an accident on her bike and lost a few teeth. Of course being only 7 I had no idea certain teeth are meant to fall out at a certain time. I asked for one and put it in a little wrapped packet. It was inspired by art class and while trying to make a swan (origami) I actually ended up with a star. I drew fellow stars on the paper and said a secret prayer in my head three times over, wishing her no pain and only health. I am sure my words were something along the lines of – Please let Shandra be ok and her teeth not  hurt her… but the intent was the same. Three days later a perky toothless front grinning friend showed up on my doorstep her star proudly pinned to her jacket ready to go ride bikes. She kept that star in her purse as long as I knew her. My best friend growing up throughout my life in Virginia (before the move to Az) was named Starr.

Stars represent so much to me personally but I thought .. well what better way to bring in the season. No matter what your faith or spirituality stars guide each of us in our own beliefs. The Star of David, The North Star, Heavenly Bodies, Pentagrams, etc.

Justice, Lucky, Empowerment, Faith.

A Little Star is a mighty thing indeed.


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