♥ Recipes from Last Night

Two Great things that should always go together…

40947768Leftover Chilled GreenBeans and Macaroni Salad…

Its Georgia, we find things like river bottom feeding fish and hot dogs with jelly delicious. Not me personally but you know, as a whole. So when my head lifted from client calls today to realize the pangs of hunger were eating me from the inside out (I have this notorious habit of forgetting to eat), I found something I shouldn’t have.

Leftovers + Publix Deli Macaroni Salad (my weakness).

Now the green beans it should be noted where southern stewed down to greatness with bacon fat onion and chicken stock. Much like Collard Greens – reducing a vegetable to a soft state with fat that is from pork origin seems to make it salty and fabulous. Why – ask Alton Brown hes all things wise and I am sure has just a witty and factual response. My general consensus is that well, its pork. The other white meat makes everything wonderful.  Green beans then went into fridge to chill for two days, while I lived on soup instead.

Blessings.. the door opens the cold blast of air that is orange and clove mixed brushes past my nostrils, and I just can’t bear more sugar. The Halloween candy coma is still working itself off and I need solid fat and salt.

Grab thing 1 grab thing 2 and suddenly there’s a party in my bowl.

The preggo jokes I feel most certain will be coming from Sarah so I will be posting a preemptive strike attack on my FaceBook.


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