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Keep Moving Forward…

Some days are not so great. They can overwhelm you strip  you and just down right drain you. In the small moments of morning when quiet sounds of slumber and gentle rain drops renew you… Remember to Keep Moving Forward.

It wont solve the pain your feeling. Thats real and you should embrace every tear. It wont fix the frustration or make your job any better. It wont erase the fight you  had with your child or stop how hurt you feel from making her cry. It will encourage you to speak softer look ahead and regain your ability to focus and keep going. Sometimes the simple momentum of starting fresh – starting new or just rolling your wheels forward another day can start you going in the right direction. The direction is just as important as the going because now you have a roadmap. Now you have some place to go. Now you have a path and even though you dont know what is going to happen theres an arrow.

Follow roll go….


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