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Doggie takes the Couture

Boxer Rescue Sweaters

I love charity knitting and crafting.  In the past I  have not had time to actually sit down and decide on an organization of focus. With my ADHD we all know that when I get bored there’s no progress to be had. I frog projects and then never go back to them. I thought if I found one I was really connected to, one that mattered I could stick with it.

Insert doggie love.. Blue Ridge Boxer Rescue. I have always loved boxers and pits, just been somewhat shy of their very “intimidating gaze” as I thought .. this dog is gonna eat me alive ! It wasn’t until my friendship with Shane started and seeing the house dogs, that I understood how beautiful pits and boxers both could be. I have joined several groups on Ravelry that support animal rescue but it was a post about this organization that caught my eye. The knitter was explaining how it is such a wonderful organization well thought out really cared for its rescues.
Boxers are often surrendered found or located in horrible conditions and serious lack of nourishment. They should well be over 65 lbs depending on age and often are severely less. Because of these during these cold months they do not have enough meat on their bones to keep them warm while all other medical conditions are attended to. The leads to failed health improvement and sometimes even pneumonia or other related issues because their little bodies just dont have that extra little piece to get better faster.
Insert : Faux Fur for Fuzzballs.. AKA AtomicLuLu goes Couture with Doggie Coats !!! 🙂


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