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LuLu and the Challenge of the Utmost kind…

What exactly is a LuLu?

I get asked all the time.

Shes fierce sensitive brash outspoken scared. She has a life she thinks shes living and one that she actually really is. Often their tragically not one in the same but make for fabulous dreams and wishes.

This LuLu is a simple parent friend lover and dreamer. I love to craft wish I were better and love people. I love to read blogs and have mine read. It is in this blog addiction I found Tif. I have read her antics, loving her sense of style, craft and of course the chickens. Yes sadly I LOVE and I mean love love love Chickens. Not with knife and fork, but rather cuddling their soft dainty feathers as they cluck and coo in my lap and lay me the most beautiful eggs. When I was little I had chickens, I want chickens again. Tif has chickens.

Ok Tif has much more than that, but as I started building the LuLu brand I just couldn’t escape how close to my heart she was and how I loved her sense of collection style and craft more and more each day. I desperately want to be one of those brilliant bitches that can look at a cloth and think hmm… redo on the sofa hello kitch and charm! Yea sadly my mishaps resemble trash heaps. But I am getting better and I am getting the LuLu in shape for the new year.

That is what brings us to the challenge. I have taken Tif’s Challenge. I have decided to (for a year) upcycle my home. I am broke as  a joke right now. I am holding on to my job in a tough economy despite the very low scale of pay because the benefits (ie being home for my kid) outweigh the cash. In that line of thinking though, there has to be some extra cash coming in somewhere because we have little and do need more. Not want more.. need more.This is going to be my self exercise in extending my views, trying to teach my kid some better values and of course live large on less (which the frugal side of me really has always done), in addition to finding some brilliant new ways to cash my craft.

Beginning Nov 15th I will not buy new for my home but try my damnedest to get that Vintage Upcycle I have wanted sorely for over 10 years now. Admittedly I like very clean lines (think Ikea) but with retro vibes thrown in, in splashes of color and prints (again hello Ikea). I am not as tiny as Tif being that I am almost 6ft tall and have size 11 feet. Its often impossible for me to fit in cute little recycle thrift finds so knickers and jeans may have to come from the good Old Navy brand. I also have this excessively silly thing for pretty knickers. Call it the hussy in me, but I love really pretty lingerie, and sorry have you seen my bewbs? Ok so knickers removed from the equation.. where was I going with this ahh yes clothing… ok wait what….  (sparkly caught my eye to the left).

Oh yeah I have taken the challenge. So that new sofa I was planning…. is going to wait. I found two upholsterers in my neighborhood who work on barter. I found a guy that does restoration for dog walking in my neighborhood. I am going to do this.


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