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I am humbled by your generosity. . .

I have to say I am loving my friends on Ravelry. Beyond just their wacky silly wonderfulness.. the giving generosity and love they show everyone each and every day is absolutely humbling.

I posted in a local group asking if any one wanted to make a special (something to be revealed later) for my friend Joe.  No one locally (despite the fact Joe is two hours away) wanted to make what I had in mind. I posted in my other friends group and with in hours people from ALL over the world were joining up to craft away. There are people from Africa for petes sakes that are joining. I was floored.

I haven’t talked to Joe since Vet’s Day. He has had some doctors appointments and much to tend to. I cant wait to tell him there are a group of complete strangers digging in to show their love say thank you and share a little piece of their life with him. Just to let him know hes not alone.

Not Alone.
Two profound words for  a man who made sacrifices to keep our freedom safe. Two words that will mean more to him than things we take for granted every day.

Ravelry Friends are Awesome…..


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