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Day 1 – The Challenge

Pix and I hit the Goodwill. It was the day before my official challenge start date but I wanted to get a head start on crafting and my weekend.

Saturday = insane will never do that again. Pix decidedly did well with vinyl scouting. That was fun to her, she was convinced she would find a Beatles album. I had to aid her in understanding that while technically yes retro and vintage – more than likely any worker in the back finding that would land it in the *take home pile* to put it on eBay.

What we found :

12 Vinyls that range from Pearl Bailey to kitschy fairy tales.  I even found some vintage Streisand and yes she was beautiful so I had to get it. KrautMeister The German, (former name here now known as:) delighted in teasing me last night about the fact I didnt have a stereo that could actually play albums. I stuck my nose in the air and reminded him off my thrift savy nature and that of course I would find one either for free or at the discount and he would then have to suffer Barbara all night long. To this he snobbed back wait until you see my Earth Wind and Fire.  Love gone Wrong = $1.20

Fabric Yardage – I hit what could have been quite possibly the quilter’s push pile.

Lemon Chord Curtains – Sears circa 1965 very darling. Pix rolled her eyes and yelled at me to put them down. She doesnt understand what they are to be or the little pleas in their hearts to be washed cleaned and restored to something beautiful. Pix cant hear the sweet little voices.

Table Cloth Very Old (and now thanks to my machine) very holey. It will be perfect as an apron or tea towel up-cycled and deconstructed.

The take was under 20$ and beautiful.


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