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Chullo Hats and Patterns

Judging by all  the recent hits on the LuLu bloggy poo. Everyone is all about hats this season. I love chullo hats. I will admit the colorwork in the Andean pattern from Knitpicks was a little time consuming. Solution- Noro. It color drapes itself and you simply knit in the round over and over. Ok so you know what, its the wise guys way out, I get that. But if you have a bazillion hats to make this holiday season – knit quick with Noro or strand colors for months and miss your deadline.. hmmmm?

Interweave Knits offers a Free Pattern [http://interweaveknits.com/freepatterns/pdf/win_05/Cover_Ears.pdf] in PDF form for you to print and download. Make sure you save it to your desktop or print for safe keeping. This pattern has staff picks so its actually multiple patterns in one. Open it up you will see what I mean.

Big Funky Hat – has over 37 completed and beautiful projects detailed and photographed on Ravelry. It’s really a very pretty hat. Alarming Female was one of my favorite former blog reads. She has absolute LuLu in her soul. Hat [http://www.alarmingfemale.com/knitting/free-patterns/big-funky-hat/] is available as  a PDF download as well.

The most beautiful to me in the projects, are the hats completed in Noro by Kureyon.

This yarn is a favorite of mine any way as I love the  silk combinations for warmth and beauty. I will offer this up however. I have done many tams, I mean MANY as FairIsle is not only my niche but heritage. Noro works beautifully for this. Because it’s not a tight spun yarn (insert proper spinning term here please), it’s not as durable through washing as lets say perhaps normal yarn selections. Merino or any wool yes you have to wash gently on cold to avoid felting. Noro is more than that, you have to almost hand wash these to keep their integrity. Not difficult but something to consider when choosing to make this hat for yourself or a loved one. I am a fan of custom-made care labels for all knitted goods. People need to be reminded handknits really dont belong in the Maytag.


Knitting Letters A-Z  – P = for Peru

This is again available to all you Rav’sters. But please take a moment to go look at this pattern article and blog. The care that went into this pattern and history is stunning. If you really want a color work piece for a loved one this holiday season I recommend this hat. [http://unionpurl.blogspot.com/2008/08/p-is-for-peru.html]


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