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TGIF oh.. no .. its Officially WTF ?!?!?

As I have other items to do daily in rounding out client calls – reports – finalizing any last week action items…I often am left to browse Google. Not because I do it for fun (that comes later in the evening) but rather because I am commonly playing with keyword terms and mixing it up a little. Trying some new thoughts. Working on building out lists. Magic.. really I make it happen.

So god only knows what keyword terms landed this fantastic Shat memorabilia in my results.. but it can only be described as fabulous. Those  of you who know me well and know I try to channel Shat at least once weekly can only imagine my delight with this. It just begs the ever known and ever loved abbreviation “WTF!” filled full of giggles and on and on.

So I am going to make sure at least in one Friday post from here on out I included at least one WTF ? Moment.

There you go.. and Scene…


2 thoughts on “TGIF oh.. no .. its Officially WTF ?!?!?

  1. OMG that is hysterical. I love the Shat too. Have you heard his album Has Been? I’m going to go listen to it now…

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