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I Can Haz Printerz ?

SO obviously its Turkey Day and I am sitting here being completely lazy and cruising funny sites just for the complete mindless retardation of it all. We are supposed to be heading over to Mama’s soon, but the lure of my PJ’s is strong young Jedi. I have recently had tech issues on the printer front and needed to reinstall my drivers. Yeah I so am just not capable of tech we should know this about me right off the bat. My other personality Betty is but I do not let her out too much as shes rather a bore. Nerd Pron fuck that. I rather be the Vintage Vixen darling Lu that I am. Yup.

So The Russian offered some points of interests : look here and here he said.. check check and low behold there it was my driver. Yup. Install Print. WOOT ! Now I can print go sit somewhere today and knit endless hours away. YAY ME !

While looking at hat patterns I found this and fell out of my butthole:


Yeah so these are Dead Fish Hats – Available for free on Knitty. How did I miss these last year?? Who can I make them for how fast can I make them??? OMG OMG OMG OMG


Fall down faint right now from ADHD overload


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