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Score one for the FREE~!

From my earlier blog post you know that I am committed to a year of recycling. I have taken the challenge to heart and am making every effort to make sure what I get rid of I do so with a conscious and what I bring into my home I apply the same standards.

I have always thought Atlanta to be a Metropolitan city. Lots of great avenues for artistic expression and culture. I am not “down on” my city these days, but I am finding a hard-line when trying to find decent thrift. I am still looking so I will keep you posted in the meantime.

Over the weekend I scored this:

  • 1 Handmade Handcut Handetched Mirror – 0.00$ Free – Craig’s-list !

Oh my.

I posted pics on Facebook and even tweeted my serious excitement. Boris had said – “If someone were to say.. I am going to handmake LuLu something .. this would be it”.

It’s beautifully crafted. The lady posting it to Craig’s has tried to clear house, as she will be relocating soon and still has some items that remain. Rather than watching it hit the dump she wanted to try and find it a home. Retro – Atomic – Martini.. how was this not designed by the heavens for me (???)

The frosted robins egg blue and silver together just make me want to slather my walls with metallic silver paint. Oh for the love of design. I can not believe such a beautiful thing awaited me in the freebie section !


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