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Building the Bean

I remember when I first started drinking coffee, before the Starbucks days. All over Tucson were beautiful comfy coffee hangs. One that my mother would frequent was downtown somewhere. I want to say it was down around Alvernon and Broadway. The gentleman that owned it was very handsome. I remember often trying to catch him in a conversation and bat my eye lashes at him. Come to think of it I think my hussy LuLu self had a crush on him because I did indeed try to not only get a job there at 17, but went back some years later for a ha ha moment. Oh…. thats another story for another time.

The best part of this shop was the coffee itself made in a huge antique coffee urn and steamer. Second best were the beans. You could get roasted beans covered in pistachios cashews pepper jalapeno and chocolate dust… oh my. Brainstorm !

I decided to make and up cycle for my etsy shop, creating vintage pieces for the home. We know my fingers have been burning the midnight fuel on that one. Additionally I have decided to bake. I am going back through all my moms candy and cookie recipes. Recipes passed through about 4 generations of Clan LuLu women. Some of them not found on any baking record to date.

I promise to pop one in here for you all before Xmas. A special one that you will most certainly enjoy !!!

Oh La la…..


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