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The Supper Club

This is why Gravy gets her nickname Gravy…

Awhile back we had been mom gabbing. She and I both having seen the pinch in recent grocery bills and knowing how completely lazy we can be were of course yammering how we hated standing over a stove for a few hours each night. Now, it’s not a constant thing. We both cook we both I am sure at times even like it. Since the big split from MableLakeHouse, I have had to cook. I have had to make menus plan and actually cook.

The frustrating part is that some nights, I do not have the time. I get caught in some four alarm fire that has me in work mode until 7-8-9-10 and well it would be nice to just throw some lovely warm gooey casserole in the oven at that point.

Problem : Pix and I are on a get ourselves healthy kick. Meaning we have joined a Gym and we are working on eating better to support our heman activities. Gooey casserole doesnt scream exactly healthy. Now I will be brutally honest. I do not subscribe to the low carb – green veggie – only eat bananas theories.
I think certain diets work for certain people. I think certain blood types certain heritage DNA markers and even what elements you are exposed to daily contribute to how you gain loose and maintain weight, cholesterol and what your High Blood Pressure is.
I know for a fact that I can eat as many dam carbs as I want (go ahead hate me) and still remain a size 10 (at 6ft tall that’s a really skinny me)  if I work out at least one hour a day 3 days a week. Work out – 30 mins cardio at least 30 mins weight training.

So heres my theory. Eat well. Eat often. Dont starve. Dont pack in sugars carbs or what we know to add the glucose butter balls. Moderation for the treats. Dont deny yourself sweets. Drink More Water.

That being done – get to the gym at least 3-4 nights a week with Pix and roll that elliptical-thingie-a-do for at least 30 mins.

So we have resolved the activity side of moving to a healthy us… what about this eating thing and that gooey casserole?
Back to Gravy’s conversation.

Supper Clubs.

Did you hear that heavenly choir that just rang out and see those silver clouds that parted?

You can go to a professional kitchen. Create as many meals as you would like. In Gravy’s case she said she would pick her menu and for an additional small fee – they would assemble for her and she would simply drive in and pick up.

6 meals in my area seems to run about 150$. My last grocery bill with 5 meals ran me about 150$. Just a comparative here you would have to certainly compare. I know money is tight for everyone right now. I am seriously in budget mode myself but I have to really look at this. You prep freeze pop cook eat. Even if I get stuck in those late nights .. at 5pm Pix could help and get some of this on and in the oven – and then I would of course have to help at some point but it’s started. No more … 9pm… what should we eat tonight… moments.

6 meals  that serve 4-6 people. Meals that contain a side dish and come from a menu that indicates Low Carb – Diabetic – Heart Healthy- Extra Meaty etc. I laughed at Extra Meaty – its code for real comfort meat n potatoes kind of meals. But even if I picked a Prime Rib from that one night with asparagus, I could choose a lean chicken lemon pepper roasted dish the next with broccoli !!!

So – Organic – Free Range – Coupons – I understand there are MANY more factors a person may have to consider here. I am just saying.. for a single mom like me, with no time on her hands this suggestion and discovery may have just saved my brain at least 2 hours a night in toil and bad eating habits !


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